Must see bands playing at Isle of Wight Festival this weekend

With the Isle of Wight Festival celebrating their 50th birthday this weekend we thought we would scour through their extensive line up for this years celebrations and pick out some top bands that you have to see. Some maybe obvious must watches and others may have slipped by the radar but all are going to be definitely worth a watch!



Info: 10:30pm, Friday, Main Stage

Kicking things off with one of the more obvious of choices, the Friday night headliners. They should be an absolute no brainer to go see for just pure fun value alone, let alone the endless absolute bangers these guys have in their repertoire, definitely don’t miss!


Liam Gallagher

Info: 8:45pm, Saturday, Main Stage

Okay, okay, another headliner, we know not exactly one that would of fallen off the radar. Liam has had an absolutely blinding year so far and there is only one way to describe what his show will be like. Biblical.



Info: 11pm, Saturday, Kashmir Cafe

Rocking out the Kashmir Cafe, Bullybones will be bringing their mix of retro rock ‘n’ roll sounds and punk vibes which will combine to make a loud and raucous affair that you will regret not witnessing, it’s impossible not to enjoy this shot of new nostalgia.


Tom Grennan

Info: 7pm, Friday, The Big Top

Another one that is having an absolutely cracking year, Tom Grennan has been touring non-stop and with each single he brings out it shows off his diversity and no end of talent that will just keeping shooting his stock upwards. Catch this guy when you can, as he is destined to keep going up and up.


Anchor Lane

Info: 3:25pm, Sunday, Hard Rock Stage

You a fan or Blackstone Cherry or Alter Bridge? Then these will be a must see, instantly from the sound of their guitars to the powerful vocals these are ones that will appeal to anyone that loves a bit of rock



Info: 12:55pm, Saturday, The Feeling with Pirate Studios & Pretty Green

With only a couple of songs out the only way to describe these guys at the minute is BIG, big riffs, catchy lyrics and they know how to put on a show, we look forward to hearing whats next for these guys


Ivory Wave

Info: 2:35pm, Sunday, This Feeling with Pirate Studios & Pretty Green

Mad mix of sounds that in theory shouldn’t work together yet sound absolutely brilliant, we here love bands willing to experiment with instruments to create new sounds and Ivory Wave’s does a cracking job of it.

Just a few suggestions off an absolutely stacked line up for Isle of Wight’s 50th anniversary, if you are heading that way this weekend, you are in for an absolute treat!

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