LIVE REVIEW: Walk the Moon + Flor at The Waterfront

Last night we got the chance to see two fantastic and pure fun filled sets at the The Waterfront, who hosted the likes of headliners Walk the Moon and support act, Flor.

Flor 1.jpg


Originally from Oregon, US, these four young artists, seem like a group of school friends who got together and created a band. Their fun and laid back vibe followed them as they entered the Waterfront, through the main entrance, stopped at the side of the stage for a very quick pre-show ritual and then finally went up onto the stage and started their set. While other artists tend to have their stage entrance very thoroughly planned out, like you will read about Walk the Moon further down, Flor made it all seem so genuine as though they were randomly passing by this venue and thought they would pop in and play a few songs.

Flor 2.jpg

Opening the night with two upbeat tracks, the crowd instantly liked their catchy and easy to listen to songs, which you just cant help but enjoy. Two tracks in and problems seemed to arise as the bass guitarist, Dylan Bauld, couldn’t hear anything but bass in his ear piece, but this was quickly sorted by their crew. This caused barely any disruption though and lead vocalist, Zach Grace just laughed it off at the end of the song and then got on with the rest of their set. On the third track, a chilled atmosphere takes over the Waterfront and energy levels decrease for a moment and then kept at a steady pace throughout the rest of their set, building up to the craziness that was going to be Walk The Moon.

Flor 3.jpg

Very talented and charismatic young lads, although unknown to the Norwich crowd they managed to put on a perfectly enjoyable show, so much so that as they were walking off the stage, someone shouted “You are so good, I love you!” – No doubt they will go on to win the hearts of more fans throughout the country and we hope to see them again soon, hopefully as headliners!

Walk the Moon 4.jpg

Walk The Moon

Complete darkness, an empty stage, jungle noises and suddenly, the very famous chant from the beginning of Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ song as Walk the Moon emerges from the dark corners of the stage and get right into their set with the track that also titles their tour, Press Restart, a song quite different from their very well known Shut Up and Dance.

A simple set up behind them, these guys can raise the roof simply with their presence. Surrounded by an atmosphere of fun and relief, Walk The Moon have definitely made you forget about everything, lose yourself in the music, and just have fun.

Walk the Moon 1.jpg

A few songs in it was finally time for a little banter with the crowd, lead singer Nicholas Petricca confirming that this was their first time in Norwich. Before moving on to the next song, to the request of the crowd, they sang Happy Birthday to one of their fans, definitely a birthday to remember!

Nearing the halfway point of their set, things are slowed down with Aquaman, and so begins the build up to Shut Up and Dance, a track which, without a doubt, was the highlight of the night. One could say, they certainly made the Norwich crowd dance… and sing along!

Walk the Moon 3.jpg

Although the hardships that caused their last tour to be cancelled and the band members nearly going their separate ways for good, Walk the Moon have come back more than fighting, with a brilliant album, released back in November and their great energy that is simply contagious! We will keep an eye out for their next move and look forward to seeing them back in East Anglia!


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