As It Is split with guitarist Andy Westhead

In an official statement released on the As It Is Facebook page, the band have decided to part ways with guitarist Andy Westhead.

It doesn’t quite seem to have been a mutual split however, with the band playing without Westhead since August, many of their fans have been questioning his disappearance, especially with the band recently touring the UK with Neck Deep, but playing as a four piece.

Picture: Andy Westhead Twitter page

Things began last night, with Westhead replying to a fans message on Twitter regarding to his disappearance, which he replied “I guess the others didn’t think you guys were worth an explanation either – I wish the others would allow me to be there” Clearly hinting to something wasn’t quite right within the band.

Well, tonight As It Is took to their Facebook page with a lengthy statement addressing the issue. Within this statement they tell that the band had agreed to part ways with Westhead as early as August this year, and that differences between Westhead and the band are the cause of the issue. It does appear that the comment on Twitter from Westhead is what caused the band to finally act and inform their fans of the situation.

The full statement can be read below:

They do go on to tell that the band will carry on as a four-piece indefinitely and will carry on to play currently booked As It Is shows.

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