A Wilhem Scream + Darko + Other Half @ The Waterfront


Other Half

The first slot of the evening featured local three piece band Other Half. Showing a deft hand at a more melodious brand of punk / Indie rock, their songs were interspersed with self-deprecating humour and the promise of free CD’s. They certainly showed a lighter touch than Darko or A Wilhelm Scream and were none the worse for that. Despite claiming they have been playing the same eight songs for the last couple of years, they played some of their recently released  material and are a band worth seeking out on  Bandcamp.


“There’s an empty space down here and I expect to see bleeding bodies”

Proving support on the UK leg of the European tour, they gave a high level performance. Their delivery is fast. Very fast. With the heavy, thick guitar sound driven by rapid staccato bullet like drumming and overlaid with the rapid growling vocals of Dave Smith.


Used to playing smaller venues the band looked at home and owned the stage. It was a shame the audience showed only luke-warm appreciation to what was a quality performance by this UK band.

A Wilhelm Scream

So set the scene for a dynamic performance from the headline act and they did not disappoint the faithful.


The small audience of hardcore fans were duly rewarded with a standout performance. At times anarchic, engaging, funny and unpredictable, the energy level remained high throughout the show, interrupted only by a broken amplifier. While waiting for the replacement amp the audience were treated to and accompanied an impromptu rendition of Bryan Adams’s “Summer of 69” as Darko sorted out a replacement and “Loops”, the sound tech, hooked it up.

With renewed vigour, the set closed out with “The Horse” and “RIP”. By now the mosh pit was in a frenzy, roaring along to the chorus, following every word. Blood may well have been spilt in the mosh pit, as at various points during the closing numbers bodies were either flying through the air, surfing or slamming into each other. By the end of the evening the flock had renewed their vows, new members were baptised and the band continue on to spread their punk sermon to the next congregation of faithful worshippers.


LIVE REVIEW: Fickle Friends + Swimming Girls + The Islas at Waterfront Studio

With palm trees on stage, a combination of the synth pop sounds ready to ring out and the neon lights illuminating the stage, Fickle Friends were finally in town at the Waterfront Studios for their rescheduled show. Originally called off due to illness, Fickle Friends made the trip back to round off their debut album tour You Are Someone Else.

Islas Band pic
Picture: Ross Media UK

The Islas

The first support act to take to the stage was Norwich’s very own The Islas, who brought their upbeat rhythms and delicate melodies to kick start the evening’s events with a decent crowd turning out for them.

It’s clear to see that they have great chemistry together as they showed they where loving it on stage and song by song they caught the audience’s attention with their experimental guitar sounds. Lead singer Nathan Baverstock’s stage presence caught the eye as he showed his comfort on stage, with each song from their set coming with ease that echoed throughout the studios.

Swimming Girls
Picture: Ross Media UK

Swimming Girls

The second support came in the form of alt-pop four piece, Swimming Girls, who brought new wave synths and haim-esque sounds to the stage.

A surprise support act for the evening’s events, the Bristol based four piece made for a good lead in for the headliners with their individual sound that goes between dwelling in the dark and brooding sounds with the warmth and nostalgia of 80’s and 90’s pop to inspirations from a variety of sources like Cyndi Lauper and vocal inspiration coming from the likes of The Cranberries.

A band that I can say plenty of the audience will be checking out after the gig, developing their live performances naturally, their song ‘Taste Like Money’ was a particular high point that went down very well to the almost sold out venue!

Picture: Ross Media UK

Fickle Friends

After a strangely longer than usual layover after the Swimming Girls set, it was time for the headliners of the evening. As the lights dimmed, Fickle Friends came on stage to get straight down to business.

The night showcased everything this five piece act has to offer from lead singer Natti Shiner’s witty personality and the band’s collection of steamy basslines, classic synths and with the stage decked out with palm trees for the vibrant show.

Picture: Ross Media UK

The subject of the cancelled show was brought up by Shiner apologising for having to postpone and interacting with the crowd asking if anybody went to Epic Studios with some people replying ‘yes’; this got plenty of laughs from the crowd as Shiner went on to  quickly reminisce about the group’s last visit to The Waterfront Studios.

Formed in 2013, the band showcased that they have plenty of songs in their repertoire  from many of their debut album songs, hitting it off with the crowd to older tracks like ‘Swim’ and ‘Play’ getting strong reactions with the crowd, with many singing along throughout.

Picture: Ross Media UK

Once in full flow the band were strutting and bouncing all over the stage which symbolized the joy and appreciation that this band have when they are on performing and enjoying every moment with their eagerness to engage with their fans with genuine warmth coming from each member.




Cracking night of local music coming to the Waterfront!

Absolutely love stuff like this!

The Norwich Waterfront have announced another night showcasing some of the best local talents around right now!


Showcasing 4 local bands in a night full of different styles and ideas brought together at the Waterfront Studio all for only £6

The Artists

Finn Doherty


Got a cracking EP out called ‘Heritage & Parenting’ with an indie rock sound and smashing voice to go along with it, definitely give a few of his tracks a listen if you like the slower side to indie rock.

We’ll Be Detectives


Gritty rock with big riffs, at the minute they only have one song ‘Somebody’ released but we definitely hope there is more to come because who doesn’t love a bit of grit and a massive riff from time to time!



Who doesn’t love a rocking duo these days? Catchy chorus’ and just some quality indie rock right here, well worth having a cheeky look and i’m sure they will feature on this site once again in the future.



Their name goes hand in hand with their sound. Heavy, raw punk guitars and drums that has introduced us to something different in what they call ‘Art Punk’

Check them out here