LIVE REVIEW: Twin Atlantic + The Pale White + Bellevue Days at The Waterfront

Acting as a way to keep playing shows in between festival appearances Twin Atlantic took to the stage at The Waterfront, bring up and coming bands The Pale White and Bellevue Days along for a hot and sweaty night.


Bellevue Days

The night started with Croydon locals Bellevue Days taking to the stage, the first impressions immediately were just the sheer emotion in each song from this band. Kicking the night off with each song slowly building to powerful crescendos that stick with you after.  It really makes you feel the power in each scream and riff emanating from the stage.

Not being afraid to let their personalities come through they happily thanked everyone for coming by early to catch them play mentioning ‘it’s a good turn out…for them’ to then going to ask if anyone else is from Croydon in the room to which their friend sorting merch cheered in the space of a silent room, much to the amusement of everyone else. As openers go, it was a solid effort from Bellevue Days, making a good account of themselves and i’m sure gained a few fans along the way.

The Pale White_3886.jpg

The Pale White

Next up were second support band, The Pale White. The Newcastle based lads didn’t waste time going into their set with a very focused approach, not saving any time for introductions and just diving into their set. For much of the set it didn’t feel like they really shared the enthusiasm from Bellevue Days to be playing that evening, focusing on the songs and even playing extended ends to a couple of tracks.

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Songs like ‘That Dress’ and ‘Reaction’ got the strongest reception in the room with the guitar still sounding spectacular on ‘That Dress’. A special shout out must go to drummer Jack Hope for just the sheer energy he had behind that kit. Every time you would look over to Hope he was a blur of hair and movement feeling every beat of the drum which he carries from show to show.

Twin Atlantic_4471.jpg

Twin Atlantic

Finally it was time for Twin Atlantic, the Glaswegian’s soon picked the whole room up and it only took moments before lead singer Sam McTrusty had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand. From the opening song ‘Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator’ he had the crowd jumping in time with each hit of the drum, injecting a level of energy the night had been lacking until now.

The crowd was fully up for this one though as people’s singing voices were soon filling the room to join in with the band especially for songs such as ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Free’ it was to the point it was even battling with McTrusty’s vocals coming through the speakers just for sheer volume. Moments like these are what live music is about, singing with strangers that all love the same thing and just having a grand old time.

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There were some teases of whats to come from the band as well with Sam McTrusty mentioning ‘after sitting in the studio for a little while he maybe should of done some exercise before jumping back on the touring bandwagon’. This was a show clearly designed to get them back in the rhythm of touring again with a few festival appearances in the pipe line for the Summer, I expect Twin Atlantic will be mentioned a lot more on this website with hopefully a new album to be released in the coming future.

Weekly Playlist – 09/10/17

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This week’s playlist includes the latest singles from Shed Seven, Don Broco and Marmozets as well as some absolute classic tunes we couldn’t resist listening back to from Cage the Elephant, Wolfmother and The Rasmus.

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Photos by Sam Dawes Photography