LOCAL REVIEWS: Smart Alex / Shark Party / Paper Champ / Con-Party

It was a night of local punk and hardcore at the Smokehouse with all the bands playing their own brand of music and each stamping their mark on the evening with a different musical style from acoustic guitars to outlandish vocals that I will be surprised if anybody quite caught a word of.

Con Party.jpg


Up first were Con-Party, a hardcore punk band local to Ipswich.  Straight from the get go they kicked the night off screaming with their hardcore punk sounds that would get anyone’s attention. It was a confident display and although they had someone else filling in on drums, it didn’t stop them from bringing the night to a raucous start.

Paper Champ.jpg

Paper Champ

Sadly, although this gig is the last for the band as Paper Champs, and not to say there was a bad set on display though, for me, they put on the set of the nigh. The most melodic of the punk bands, they were extremely likeable bringing on a fine display. Regardless of the odd false start to a couple of songs, it was handled well even with the crowd not being shy to voice their opinions.

Shark Party.jpg

Shark Party

With inflatable sharks on display it was time for Shark Party,  punk rockers from Kent. It wasn’t quite the Shark Party everyone had come to expect, with acoustic guitars in hand, they displayed a different side to themselves, treating everyone to the sound of acoustic guitars and honest vocals that worked very well together, and was a nice change of pace for the evening.

Smart Alex.jpg

Smart Alex

Last but by no means least was Smart Alex, a combination of some of East Anglia’s most pure punk rockers to come together and bring forward their old school punk vibes that would make any punk fan smile. The passion and energy from the band was evident in their music, putting on a display of classic punk rock that is so rarely heard in 2018!

Smokehouse Reviews: Sorrdes album launch with support from Brooches and Rafiki


@handgeI reviews Electronic musician Sorrdes album launch at the Smokehouse last week to cover something different for This is Noise. 

After a name change and time to produce his best project of work so far, Sorrdes (previously Deadpoole) hosts an album launch party for his highly anticipated debut album ‘Strange Hymns’.

With 2 equally talented support acts in Ipswich’s small but buzzing venue The Smokehouse, people filled the room from the minute the event started. Warming up the night was local DJ and producer Rafiki blending in old school and new school hip hop anthems with an electronic twist.

By the time his set was finished the room was almost full and the second act Brooches appeared.

The audience was then taken through a journey of heavy bass lines and raw melodies made on the spot by Brooches.

Playing live guitar rifts and mixing it via the laptop whilst on stage his talent had the crowd in awe and heads bopped along to the kick drum.

Nicely blending to the main man of the day, Sorrdes, he started with crisp synth melodies and hard hitting percussion that gives you a feeling of wanting to close your eyes and drift into a dream world of a parallel fantasy.

During his set, he involved live percussion from a snare and cymbal which added more depth to his already amazing beats.

Phil Jackson joined Sorrdes for one song which was a lovely mix of vocals and piano.

Strange Hymns is OUT NOW!!!!


Check out Sorrdes – FacebookTwitter 

Check out Brooches – Twitter

Check out Rafiki – Twitter

SMOKEHOUSE REVIEWS: Darko / Actionmen / PMX / Pessimist – 02/02/18


The Smokehouse in Ipswich brought everyone an evening of rock goodness from fast skate-punk madness to hardcore moshing on Friday night as Darko, Actionmen, PMX and Pessimist put on a show that filled out this tiny venue.

And first things first, an apology to Pessimist, we were only able to catch the last two song of your set and couldn’t quite cut our way through the room to get some snaps, from what we heard was decent and sounded well rounded enough and left us intrigued to hear more, hopefully we can make amends and review and take photos of you guys in the near future.

Check out Pessimist – https://www.facebook.com/wearepessimist/


For us the night properly kicked off when PMX entered the stage as the Scottish punk band brought us their Melodic Punk and personality and relaxed attitude which was infectious throughout the venue as they ran through their set and feeling relaxed enough to take advantage of the snacks and beverages behind the scenes to the side of the stage as well as often getting interactions from the audience in between songs.

Considering they only just performed in Manchester the previous night the four-piece band didn’t show any signs of a long days travel as they finished up their set and soon joined in with the crowd for the rest of the evenings entertainment.

Check out PMX – https://www.facebook.com/Pmxrock/ 


Legends Actionmen have been making crazy hard rocking noises since 2000, and Friday night wasn’t any different from the Italian trio, with surprisingly heavy sound mixed in with melodic playing and just about every other style you can think of. It’s hard to nail down who Actionmen are as each song took an unexpected twist going from heavy to melodic sounds to then flipping it entirely to a jazzy kind of sound that only makes sense by listening and experiencing Actionmen.

No mater the mash up of styles within their songs the tightness within the band and their music is truly understated as with each switch of tone and sound, it was in perfect harmony with each other which was a pleasant surprise to the evenings music.

Check out Actionmen – https://www.facebook.com/actionmen/


The night finished off with Darko who brought us their shredding hi-octane hardcore punk rock, this was clearly the crowd favourite and the timing of the set was perfectly in time with the night as it didn’t take long for the room to turn into a mosh pit feeding off the energy who i’m sure, the bassist did not stop bouncing and moving the entire set.

Darko was the perfect finish to the evenings hard rocking feast of an evening that leaves you having a good time after seeing some good music played loud and hard. The bands each stood out and were the perfect example for what an evening of local music can bring.

Check out Darko – https://www.facebook.com/Darkoband/ 






LOCAL REVIEWS – Impilo – Royal George 27/01/18


Hip hop fusion band Impilo smashed out another great gig in Ipswich as they performed at the Royal George Pub on Saturday night as they played old classics and some new tunes for their first gig of 2018.

The band which hailes from Ipswich consisent of MC Bhebhe, bassist Murray Collins, guitarist Gav Mac and on the drums Rayna Vandel, Since the release of their catchy debut single ‘Wings’ taken from their up and coming debut EP ‘Breakaway’ which has gained multiple plays on BBC introducing and they have been labelled as ‘ones to watch over the coming year’.

A night full of Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz the 4 piece band put on a show for the crowd!


MC Bhebhe brought his usual charisma and confidence getting the crowd involved with the bands hit tracks from M.I.A, Tempo, Wings and many more…at one point the band got themselves and the crowd on the floor!


Special guest Angelle performed on the night as the female artist made her presence known as she performed her catchy tune Who Do You Think You Are which was created with guitarist Gav Mac, while she also performed with the man himself Bhebhe on the night which was the highlight of the night!

For more info on the band check out their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/impilomusic/