Neck Deep reschedule Nottingham show

Fair play to Neck Deep, they haven’t hung around getting this sorted.

Going back to October 10th, video surfaced that instantly went viral from the Rock City venue in Nottingham, as Neck Deep cancelled their show mid set due to what appeared to be overzealous security staff which caused for the band to stop and intervene.

You can see the full story from the events here.

The band the next day instantly released a statement explaining how ‘Events escalated to a point they should never have gotten to’ and also promised that they would reschedule the show, with all tickets remaining valid as soon as possible.

Well, Neck Deep have delivered, announcing that they will be back at Nottingham Rock City on the 5th of November, with support from WSTR and Blood Youth to back them up on an evening that it originally intended to be.


They have made sure that all fans that booked tickets for their previous show will be re-booked into this show and that tickets will be making their way to fans next week.

Well done to Neck Deep for getting this show  rescheduled so quickly after everything that happened.