LOCAL REVIEWS: Smart Alex / Shark Party / Paper Champ / Con-Party

It was a night of local punk and hardcore at the Smokehouse with all the bands playing their own brand of music and each stamping their mark on the evening with a different musical style from acoustic guitars to outlandish vocals that I will be surprised if anybody quite caught a word of.

Con Party.jpg


Up first were Con-Party, a hardcore punk band local to Ipswich.  Straight from the get go they kicked the night off screaming with their hardcore punk sounds that would get anyone’s attention. It was a confident display and although they had someone else filling in on drums, it didn’t stop them from bringing the night to a raucous start.

Paper Champ.jpg

Paper Champ

Sadly, although this gig is the last for the band as Paper Champs, and not to say there was a bad set on display though, for me, they put on the set of the nigh. The most melodic of the punk bands, they were extremely likeable bringing on a fine display. Regardless of the odd false start to a couple of songs, it was handled well even with the crowd not being shy to voice their opinions.

Shark Party.jpg

Shark Party

With inflatable sharks on display it was time for Shark Party,  punk rockers from Kent. It wasn’t quite the Shark Party everyone had come to expect, with acoustic guitars in hand, they displayed a different side to themselves, treating everyone to the sound of acoustic guitars and honest vocals that worked very well together, and was a nice change of pace for the evening.

Smart Alex.jpg

Smart Alex

Last but by no means least was Smart Alex, a combination of some of East Anglia’s most pure punk rockers to come together and bring forward their old school punk vibes that would make any punk fan smile. The passion and energy from the band was evident in their music, putting on a display of classic punk rock that is so rarely heard in 2018!

Rebellion Fest adds PiL, Menzingers and more

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Johnny Rotten is coming to Blackpool

The weekend of punk had already confirmed the likes of Buzzcocks, Sticky Little Fingers, The Exploited, Cockney Rejects, The Adicts, Peter Hook & The Light, Angelic Upstarts and Discharge to the Blackpool based punkfest but have now added a few more just to spice things up a bit.

John Lydon’s post-Sex Pistol’s band Public Image Ltd will be closing out the show on Sunday at the Empress Ballroom, returning to the festival after first playing it in 2012. The Menzingers have also been confirmed to join the line up as well as The Vandals, Michael Monroe, Union 13, The Boys Unplugged, The Rumjacks, Class Assassins, Barnstormer, Riot Squad, Headsticks, Agrotoxico, Top Dog and Red Eyes.

This is definitely a festival for all generations of Punk fans and seeing PiL is definitely not something you are going to want to miss

Rebellion takes place 2-5 August at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Head to rebellionfestival.com for more information…

Cracking night of local music coming to the Waterfront!

Absolutely love stuff like this!

The Norwich Waterfront have announced another night showcasing some of the best local talents around right now!


Showcasing 4 local bands in a night full of different styles and ideas brought together at the Waterfront Studio all for only £6

The Artists

Finn Doherty


Got a cracking EP out called ‘Heritage & Parenting’ with an indie rock sound and smashing voice to go along with it, definitely give a few of his tracks a listen if you like the slower side to indie rock.

We’ll Be Detectives


Gritty rock with big riffs, at the minute they only have one song ‘Somebody’ released but we definitely hope there is more to come because who doesn’t love a bit of grit and a massive riff from time to time!



Who doesn’t love a rocking duo these days? Catchy chorus’ and just some quality indie rock right here, well worth having a cheeky look and i’m sure they will feature on this site once again in the future.



Their name goes hand in hand with their sound. Heavy, raw punk guitars and drums that has introduced us to something different in what they call ‘Art Punk’

Check them out here