Gallery: PiL performing at the UEA

Public Image Ltd took to the stage last night at the LCR, check out our gallery from last night and feel free to share to all those who caught Johnny Rotten in action:


Photos by Jan Roberts Photography

LIVE REVIEW: The Wombats + The Night Café + BLOXX at UEA


It’s been just over a decade since The Wombats released their critically-acclaimed debut album ‘A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation’ and not much has changed since then as a relentlessly energetic crowd danced and screamed their way into the UEA in Norwich.

The Liverpudlian trio are now halfway through a trip around the UK and Ireland for their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life.


The opening act of the night was the female-front four piece Bloxx who pulled a decent crowd for early doors with a set of fresh sounding tracks that captured the spirit of 2000s indie/alt rock.

They are known for their grungy undertones with classic indie-influenced melodies to create their unique and familiar indie sound. They had great stage presence and played a strong set to lead into the night with an aura of confidence necessary for any band opening the show and a mix of grunge bass and guitar riffs filling the room. Lead singer Ophelia commanded the stage and helped set the tone  for the night ahead.

The Night Cafe 1

The Night Café 

Up next was Liverpool four piece The Night Cafe who brought their effortless and laid back style to the UEA as their music seemed all the more mellow as the riffs and melodies went around the room setting a slow build as the platform for The Wombats to break out onto the stage.

They looked absolutely passionate and clearly appreciating every moment on stage, creating a relaxed atmosphere during their set. They played their latest single ‘Turn’ and one thing that caught my eye the most was frontman Sean Martin who had a look of serious concentration on his face throughout.


The Wombats

The headliners took to the stage and dove straight into the new material, opening with ‘Cheetah Tongue’ before turning back the clock a little for ‘Give Me A Try’ and ‘1996’.

With the adrenaline-fueled crowd waiting for more, this was a set-list not just designed to showcase their new album, but also playing big hits like ‘Kill The Director’ which got big fans of the band moving and singing along!

Their new album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ was a good listen and got plenty of praise since it’s release, and after seeing the songs played live it was easy to see why as most of the tracks translated well to the live scene, with the band keen to impress and sparing no effort on the production, with big screens lining the back of the stage displaying illustrations fitting for the songs.


Bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen was one of the biggest highlights of the evening with his energy as he encouraged jumping and clapping which was infectious for everyone to see, and energy levels quickly rose around the room because of his presence on stage!

One minor note that hampered them was some dead air between songs which lasted a little too long to seem on purpose, but thankfully the band was able to bring out the best of the enthusiastic crowd as they played with energy and power to get fans from the casual to the enthusiastic, enjoying the show.

SMOKEHOUSE REVIEWS: Darko / Actionmen / PMX / Pessimist – 02/02/18


The Smokehouse in Ipswich brought everyone an evening of rock goodness from fast skate-punk madness to hardcore moshing on Friday night as Darko, Actionmen, PMX and Pessimist put on a show that filled out this tiny venue.

And first things first, an apology to Pessimist, we were only able to catch the last two song of your set and couldn’t quite cut our way through the room to get some snaps, from what we heard was decent and sounded well rounded enough and left us intrigued to hear more, hopefully we can make amends and review and take photos of you guys in the near future.

Check out Pessimist –


For us the night properly kicked off when PMX entered the stage as the Scottish punk band brought us their Melodic Punk and personality and relaxed attitude which was infectious throughout the venue as they ran through their set and feeling relaxed enough to take advantage of the snacks and beverages behind the scenes to the side of the stage as well as often getting interactions from the audience in between songs.

Considering they only just performed in Manchester the previous night the four-piece band didn’t show any signs of a long days travel as they finished up their set and soon joined in with the crowd for the rest of the evenings entertainment.

Check out PMX – 


Legends Actionmen have been making crazy hard rocking noises since 2000, and Friday night wasn’t any different from the Italian trio, with surprisingly heavy sound mixed in with melodic playing and just about every other style you can think of. It’s hard to nail down who Actionmen are as each song took an unexpected twist going from heavy to melodic sounds to then flipping it entirely to a jazzy kind of sound that only makes sense by listening and experiencing Actionmen.

No mater the mash up of styles within their songs the tightness within the band and their music is truly understated as with each switch of tone and sound, it was in perfect harmony with each other which was a pleasant surprise to the evenings music.

Check out Actionmen –


The night finished off with Darko who brought us their shredding hi-octane hardcore punk rock, this was clearly the crowd favourite and the timing of the set was perfectly in time with the night as it didn’t take long for the room to turn into a mosh pit feeding off the energy who i’m sure, the bassist did not stop bouncing and moving the entire set.

Darko was the perfect finish to the evenings hard rocking feast of an evening that leaves you having a good time after seeing some good music played loud and hard. The bands each stood out and were the perfect example for what an evening of local music can bring.

Check out Darko – 






LOCAL REVIEWS – Impilo – Royal George 27/01/18


Hip hop fusion band Impilo smashed out another great gig in Ipswich as they performed at the Royal George Pub on Saturday night as they played old classics and some new tunes for their first gig of 2018.

The band which hailes from Ipswich consisent of MC Bhebhe, bassist Murray Collins, guitarist Gav Mac and on the drums Rayna Vandel, Since the release of their catchy debut single ‘Wings’ taken from their up and coming debut EP ‘Breakaway’ which has gained multiple plays on BBC introducing and they have been labelled as ‘ones to watch over the coming year’.

A night full of Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz the 4 piece band put on a show for the crowd!


MC Bhebhe brought his usual charisma and confidence getting the crowd involved with the bands hit tracks from M.I.A, Tempo, Wings and many more…at one point the band got themselves and the crowd on the floor!


Special guest Angelle performed on the night as the female artist made her presence known as she performed her catchy tune Who Do You Think You Are which was created with guitarist Gav Mac, while she also performed with the man himself Bhebhe on the night which was the highlight of the night!

For more info on the band check out their Facebook page – 



Gallery – The Amazons and Pale White – The Waterfront – Norwich

Photos by Sam Dawes Photography