Mike Shinoda unveils two new songs and details of debut solo album

Capturing a ‘journey out of grief and darkness’, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda returns to the scene neither along Linkin Park, nor as Fort Minor, but with a debut solo album called ‘Post Traumatic, which will be out on the 15th June.

Immediately following January’s three-song ‘Post Traumatic’ EP, which was his first release since the passing of Chester Bannington, Mike also trumpeted the arrival of the new LP with videos for two of the album tracks, ‘Crossing a Line’ and ‘Nothing Makes Sense Anymore’, which you can listen to below.


The ‘Post Traumatic’ EP and LP capture a tone of confliction and redemption during Shinoda’s experience with loss and grieving as well as the healing process. In a statement about the debut solo album, he says: “It’s a journey out of grief and darkness, not into grief and darkness. If people have been through something similar, I hope they feel less alone. If they haven’t been through this, I hope they feel grateful.” You can pre-order the album here.

On top of this announcement, Mike Shinoda will embark on numerous solo shows this summer, in support of ‘Post Traumatic’, including UK’s own Reading and Leeds Festival, where he joins the Main Stage roster along side Kendrick Lamar, Sum 41, Skindred and Dua Lipa, to name a few.


REVIEW: Oranje release debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’


Oranje have finally released their debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ and it’s a strong start from this Ipswich based indie band.

Following up from our interview with the band yesterday, discussing the experiences of entering the studio, ‘Bitter Sweet’ their debut EP is finally out and it’s an affair that explores the bands range but you can’t help feeling a sense of optimism that there is plenty more to come out of this band.

The EP kicks off with ‘Cool Girl’ a decent enough track which shows the range of Dez Jones on vocals, personally I would of liked this opening song to of been a tad shorter, but it shows off everything this band can do and as it’s the first song that kicks off the EP its a strong introduction.

Next up is ‘Stranger Things’ a song previously released by the band and a big highlight for the EP, it’s experimental in places and brave, it’s a song that packs a lot of personality from this band and for me, it’s refreshing to see bands starting out incorporating guitar solos in their music and always a big plus.

‘Glow’ slows the EP down a notch, showcasing that the band are capable of slowing things down involving meaningful lyrics which feels like they could be a tad more prominent in the song, ‘Trash’ is up next and it shows the confidence in this band to go from a song like ‘Glow’ into ‘Trash’ and to then ‘Dogs in Hot Cars’ which is sure to be main stays on their live sets.

Overall a confident and mature start from Oranje with an EP that strongly showcases what the band are capable of and also gives a sense that there is plenty more to come from this young band. I look forward to seeing how they develop from here and how they refine themselves going forward as they continue to grow and learn.

Official Noise Rating: – Oranje – Bitter Sweet: – 4/5

Listen to their EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ here: 

Facebook: Oranjemusic

Twitter: @OranjeMusic

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda releases surprise EP

Mike Shinoda has released three songs which make up the Post Traumatic EP after putting up a photo of a hand written note yesterday (24th) saying ‘Three new songs. All music + visuals by me. Tomorrow’

In three songs there is so much emotion and it offers somewhat of an update on how Mike Shinoda has been since the loss of Chester Bennington, with the short song ‘Place to Start’ including clips of friends and family calling to check  in on Mike. The EP then goes into ‘Over Again’ which talks frankly about October’s memorial show for Chester as well as including the lyrics ‘Sometimes you can only say goodbye once’. The final song ‘Watching As I Fall’ talks about himself ‘giving until his soul hurt.

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This for any Linkin Park fan will be an emotional listen but also a gift to fans that will mean a huge amount to anyone still coming to terms with the loss. During these times everyone handles loss in their own way and it’s good to see that music and the art of creation is aiding Mike in such traumatic times.

Listen to the Post Traumatic EP here:

LISTEN – Weezer – Pacific Daydream out now!

Different sounds from the band but they all sum up the title of the album perfectly.

The much anticipated 11th album from the LA rockers is finally available on all good streaming services and music shops.

The band had already released 4 songs from the album: Mexican Fender, Beach Boys, Weekend Woman and Happy Hour, which all remind myself personally of an album that would make for good listening on a hazy summer afternoon, and makes me rather envious of anyone in a nicer location than the offices at This Is Noise HQ, hard to beat but it’s doable…just.

Give it a listen below:

Weezer are back with another single

More cool art work and another single coming from the new album

Building up to the release of Pacific Daydream, coming out on the 27th October, Weezer release another single called Happy Hour, which joins previously released singles: Weekend Woman, Beach Boys and Mexican Fender.

All the songs so far have a sound that would be perfect lazy summer listening which is summed up pretty well from their Facebook post saying “like many cool weezer songs has a sad message wrapped in a sunny package.” 

Check out the song and their post about the new song below

LISTEN – Theory of a Deadman release new single ‘Wake Up Call’

Theory of a Deadman unveil new single ‘Wake Up Call’ which is due to feature on their newest album coming out, of the same name, on October 27th.

This comes after the band releasing singles ‘RX (Medicate)’ and ‘Echoes’ which see the band taking a more melodic approach to their song writing, releasing songs that relate to their experiences of touring and how it has affected their lives.

Theory are currently touring several dates in America right now all through November with nothing confirmed in regards to coming over to the UK.



Green Day releasing greatest hits compilation

We wouldn’t want to be the one picking the songs to go on to this one!

Green Day have announced they will be releasing a greatest hits compilation called ‘God’s Favourite Band’ which will be released on November 17th.

This album art is brilliant!

The album will feature 18 of some of the best Green Day songs made throughout their extensive careers which will include classics such as ‘Basket Case’ to ‘Bang Bang’ from their latest album ‘Revolution Radio’

The album will also include 2 new songs at the end of album, one called ‘Back to the USA’ and an alternative version of ‘Ordinary World’ featuring country singer Miranda Lambert.

The full track list can be seen below:

This is definitely an album we will be asking for at Christmas!

LISTEN – Knuckle Puck’s latest single ‘Want Me Around’

Knuckle Puck staying true to form releasing another fresh tune from their upcoming record Shapeshifter which is released this Friday which we will be doing a review of on it’s release.

The Chicago based Pop-punk rockers will also be touring Europe which will be including a stop over in the UK doing 8 dates with support from Tiny Moving Parts, Have Mercy and Movements, see the dates below:


Marmozets to unveil new song tonight!

At last some more news from the Marms

After going dark whilst recording their follow up album to ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ they came back by releasing ‘Play’ but not really telling us much more, and keeping whatever details of a new album relatively under wraps.

Well after the past 4 days of tweeting out letters which spelt out the word ‘Habits’ the Marms have now revealed that they will be on the Annie Mac show tonight on BBC Radio 1 from 7pm to play their newest track ‘Habits’.

We can only hope they reveal at least a little bit of information on their new album as it feels like forever since the release of ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’

Their single ‘Play’ can be found in the This is Noise weekly playlist below:

Let us know if you’ll be tuning in in the comments below:

LISTEN – Liam Gallagher’s ‘As You Were’ Out Now

The former Oasis front man’s long awaited solo album is finally released and out now! It has felt like a decade since ‘Wall of Glass’ has been released to the world; which I personally would describe is how Oasis would sound now if they were still together; but at long last his first solo effort has finally been released.


Gallagher has recently appeared on Radio X on the Chris Moyles show and they went through the album track by track with Liam describing each song and a few he did go out to say a couple of tracks had an ‘Oasis feel’ so it is sure to appeal to the die hard Oasis fan as well as newcomers up for a bit of rock and roll

Listen to the album below:

Let us know what you think of Liam Gallagher’s first solo effort below –