LIVE REVIEW – Bessie Turner 22:22 Album Launch at Manor Ballroom

An evening of warm and passionate music as Bessie Turner brought her 22:22 Album Launch to Ipswich. The Suffolk singer songwriter released her debut EP on 20th April.

A sold out show at the Manor Ballroom with support from local four piece Groff and the wonderful Fishclaw who warmed up the audience for the evening ahead.


Turner wanting to show support to her fellow musicians was out before her set, mingling with the crowd and ensuring everyone was checking out the support acts before she took to the stage.

From the off, it is clear that she was her typical, humble self as she wanted to thank everyone for coming to her launch as the atmosphere in the room was full of laughter and togetherness as plenty of people were already familiar with her music.

Picture: Ross Media UK

Myself and plenty others loved the venue which was packed out with friends and family as she got started with her first few tracks and speaking in between bring her usual wit and laughter to the stage.

Everyone can be seen to be laughing, smiling and embracing the smooth tones of her voice which translates even more positively in a live environment than it does on a record.

Picture: Ross Media UK

The combination of her softly spoken lyrics with the brilliant syncing of her bassist and drummer, makes for a very enjoyable set that gives everyone a cosy and warm feeling that gets people swaying along with each song, including her hit track ‘Words You Say’ which shows off her voice and skill with the chill folk tones.

Picture: Thea McPhillips

Bessie made speeches during her set explaining the reason behind her album name 22:22 was because she is 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days younger than her sister Ruby who was in the audience, before she brought her best friend and photographer Chris Driver on to the stage thanking him for his support and being such a great friend!

The gig finished with just Bessie on stage as she performed a beautiful solo that gave myself and the audience goosebumps acting as the perfect exhibition of who she is which was a fantastic end to a delightful night full of laughter and friendship!

Kent’s The Forum celebrates 25 years of local live music

Not too long ago a study came out about the state of local live venues and how we must do what we can to keep them alive. (Which you can check out here)

Well, The Forum in Tunbridge Wells is a shining example of why we must keep local live venues going and they are celebrating their 25th birthday by releasing a compilation album of local acts that have performed on their infamous stage.

Green Day, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay and even Adele have performed at The Forum during their fledging careers and 2018 looks just as bright for this local venue. Having already had Frank Turner perform a sold out show,  and with Pale Waves and The Wedding Present performing as well, The Forum are releasing their own compilation album to celebrate the local music scene.

’25 years and beyond’ which was released on March 9th consists of 11 tracks carefully curated by the team at The Forum to best show examples of some of the acts that perform shows there, as Isobel Dormon explains “I didn’t want the anniversary to be just nostalgia, but to also look towards the next 25 years. A compilation album featuring the exciting, emerging artists who play at The Forum regularly now, and who will go on to do more in the future”.

Listen to the full album here:

That’s not all for the 11 artists that feature on the compilation album though as each one will curate or headline a show at The Forum to ensure the festivities of their 25th birthday carries on throughout the year starting with Dead Ceremony headlining a show on May 4th.

Local, grass root venues like The Forum are key for bands to be able to develop and learn their trade so it is paramount that we keep supporting these venues. Not only are they a treasure to the community but also, who doesn’t like to brag about seeing the next Green Day before they were famous!


REVIEW: Oranje release debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’


Oranje have finally released their debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ and it’s a strong start from this Ipswich based indie band.

Following up from our interview with the band yesterday, discussing the experiences of entering the studio, ‘Bitter Sweet’ their debut EP is finally out and it’s an affair that explores the bands range but you can’t help feeling a sense of optimism that there is plenty more to come out of this band.

The EP kicks off with ‘Cool Girl’ a decent enough track which shows the range of Dez Jones on vocals, personally I would of liked this opening song to of been a tad shorter, but it shows off everything this band can do and as it’s the first song that kicks off the EP its a strong introduction.

Next up is ‘Stranger Things’ a song previously released by the band and a big highlight for the EP, it’s experimental in places and brave, it’s a song that packs a lot of personality from this band and for me, it’s refreshing to see bands starting out incorporating guitar solos in their music and always a big plus.

‘Glow’ slows the EP down a notch, showcasing that the band are capable of slowing things down involving meaningful lyrics which feels like they could be a tad more prominent in the song, ‘Trash’ is up next and it shows the confidence in this band to go from a song like ‘Glow’ into ‘Trash’ and to then ‘Dogs in Hot Cars’ which is sure to be main stays on their live sets.

Overall a confident and mature start from Oranje with an EP that strongly showcases what the band are capable of and also gives a sense that there is plenty more to come from this young band. I look forward to seeing how they develop from here and how they refine themselves going forward as they continue to grow and learn.

Official Noise Rating: – Oranje – Bitter Sweet: – 4/5

Listen to their EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ here: 

Facebook: Oranjemusic

Twitter: @OranjeMusic

LOCAL BANDS: Interview with Oranje ahead of the release of their debut EP


Oranje four piece alternative Grunge/Indie band from Ipswich are set to release their debut EP Bitter Sweet on Friday 23 February.

Throughout summer, they were given the chance to record a 5 track EP at Punch Studios and that was mixed and produced in London.

We had a chat with band to discover how the process of putting the EP together was like and the difficulties they faced to achieve their goals.


TiN: How did you find the process of recording your EP?

Elle (Bass): The actual recording process was so fun, it was summer so we were gigging loads and still writing at the same time. Luckily we had such a good engineer Craig Smith. He was so chilled and easy to work with.

TiN: Were there any challenges you faced whilst recording your EP?

Elle: Lack of communication and difference of opinions came into it. And later on the distance situation caused a rift but other than that, the process was smooth going.

TiN: What song did you most enjoy recording and why?

Elle: Anything but stranger things.
Duncan (Lead Guitar): Dogs in hot cars because I was just in the room alone making loads of noise.
Dez (Vocals): Glow for me because being a half step out of key in the scratch track, trying to record to that was hilarious.
James (Drums): Trash for me because it was the most experimental for me and trying to sort out tempos compared to the scratch track.

TiN: Which song was the most challenging?

Dez: Dogs in hot cars as it was the newest track that we had done.’
Elle: We played stranger things so so much and I honestly am not a fan of it now..and to get the timing right for the start I must have done it 1000 times, don’t know how Craig had the patience.
Duncan: Cool girl for me, because the guitar tone was quite hard.
James: Trash for me because it was just timing. like it was the hardest one.

TiN: What were your inspirations for the EP?

Elle: Trying to capture what we do live, the same energy and feel. And I think this is something we will try every time we do a recording. That live sound is what we try and deliver.

Oranje took over The Star Inn in Guildford with an exclusive pre-release performance of their debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ on Wednesday night with support from Waiting for Malory and Frames, Check back on Friday for our official review of Oranje’s debut EP!

Check out Oranje here: –

Twitter: @OranjeMusic

Facebook: oranjemusic




The Killers and Alt J among the names to headline Latitude 2018

One of the UK’s biggest festivals has announced its 2018 lineup with The Killers and ALT J among the headliners for this year’s Latitude Festival at Henham Park on July 13-16.

Alt J, who previously headlined the event in 2015, said: “We are over the moon to be returning to Latitude for a fourth time.

The Suffolk festival line-up also includes artists such as The Vaccines, Wolf Alice, Fickle Friends, The Charlatans, The Breeders, Idles, Hinds, Black Honey and many more!

To get just a taste of what is to come at Latitude in July we have ever so kindly put together a playlist of a few songs from some of the artists to get you all excited for what’s to come!



SMOKEHOUSE REVIEWS: Darko / Actionmen / PMX / Pessimist – 02/02/18


The Smokehouse in Ipswich brought everyone an evening of rock goodness from fast skate-punk madness to hardcore moshing on Friday night as Darko, Actionmen, PMX and Pessimist put on a show that filled out this tiny venue.

And first things first, an apology to Pessimist, we were only able to catch the last two song of your set and couldn’t quite cut our way through the room to get some snaps, from what we heard was decent and sounded well rounded enough and left us intrigued to hear more, hopefully we can make amends and review and take photos of you guys in the near future.

Check out Pessimist –


For us the night properly kicked off when PMX entered the stage as the Scottish punk band brought us their Melodic Punk and personality and relaxed attitude which was infectious throughout the venue as they ran through their set and feeling relaxed enough to take advantage of the snacks and beverages behind the scenes to the side of the stage as well as often getting interactions from the audience in between songs.

Considering they only just performed in Manchester the previous night the four-piece band didn’t show any signs of a long days travel as they finished up their set and soon joined in with the crowd for the rest of the evenings entertainment.

Check out PMX – 


Legends Actionmen have been making crazy hard rocking noises since 2000, and Friday night wasn’t any different from the Italian trio, with surprisingly heavy sound mixed in with melodic playing and just about every other style you can think of. It’s hard to nail down who Actionmen are as each song took an unexpected twist going from heavy to melodic sounds to then flipping it entirely to a jazzy kind of sound that only makes sense by listening and experiencing Actionmen.

No mater the mash up of styles within their songs the tightness within the band and their music is truly understated as with each switch of tone and sound, it was in perfect harmony with each other which was a pleasant surprise to the evenings music.

Check out Actionmen –


The night finished off with Darko who brought us their shredding hi-octane hardcore punk rock, this was clearly the crowd favourite and the timing of the set was perfectly in time with the night as it didn’t take long for the room to turn into a mosh pit feeding off the energy who i’m sure, the bassist did not stop bouncing and moving the entire set.

Darko was the perfect finish to the evenings hard rocking feast of an evening that leaves you having a good time after seeing some good music played loud and hard. The bands each stood out and were the perfect example for what an evening of local music can bring.

Check out Darko – 






LOCAL REVIEWS – Impilo – Royal George 27/01/18


Hip hop fusion band Impilo smashed out another great gig in Ipswich as they performed at the Royal George Pub on Saturday night as they played old classics and some new tunes for their first gig of 2018.

The band which hailes from Ipswich consisent of MC Bhebhe, bassist Murray Collins, guitarist Gav Mac and on the drums Rayna Vandel, Since the release of their catchy debut single ‘Wings’ taken from their up and coming debut EP ‘Breakaway’ which has gained multiple plays on BBC introducing and they have been labelled as ‘ones to watch over the coming year’.

A night full of Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz the 4 piece band put on a show for the crowd!


MC Bhebhe brought his usual charisma and confidence getting the crowd involved with the bands hit tracks from M.I.A, Tempo, Wings and many more…at one point the band got themselves and the crowd on the floor!


Special guest Angelle performed on the night as the female artist made her presence known as she performed her catchy tune Who Do You Think You Are which was created with guitarist Gav Mac, while she also performed with the man himself Bhebhe on the night which was the highlight of the night!

For more info on the band check out their Facebook page – 



Cracking night of local music coming to the Waterfront!

Absolutely love stuff like this!

The Norwich Waterfront have announced another night showcasing some of the best local talents around right now!


Showcasing 4 local bands in a night full of different styles and ideas brought together at the Waterfront Studio all for only £6

The Artists

Finn Doherty


Got a cracking EP out called ‘Heritage & Parenting’ with an indie rock sound and smashing voice to go along with it, definitely give a few of his tracks a listen if you like the slower side to indie rock.

We’ll Be Detectives


Gritty rock with big riffs, at the minute they only have one song ‘Somebody’ released but we definitely hope there is more to come because who doesn’t love a bit of grit and a massive riff from time to time!



Who doesn’t love a rocking duo these days? Catchy chorus’ and just some quality indie rock right here, well worth having a cheeky look and i’m sure they will feature on this site once again in the future.



Their name goes hand in hand with their sound. Heavy, raw punk guitars and drums that has introduced us to something different in what they call ‘Art Punk’

Check them out here