Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda releases surprise EP

Mike Shinoda has released three songs which make up the Post Traumatic EP after putting up a photo of a hand written note yesterday (24th) saying ‘Three new songs. All music + visuals by me. Tomorrow’

In three songs there is so much emotion and it offers somewhat of an update on how Mike Shinoda has been since the loss of Chester Bennington, with the short song ‘Place to Start’ including clips of friends and family calling to check  in on Mike. The EP then goes into ‘Over Again’ which talks frankly about October’s memorial show for Chester as well as including the lyrics ‘Sometimes you can only say goodbye once’. The final song ‘Watching As I Fall’ talks about himself ‘giving until his soul hurt.

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This for any Linkin Park fan will be an emotional listen but also a gift to fans that will mean a huge amount to anyone still coming to terms with the loss. During these times everyone handles loss in their own way and it’s good to see that music and the art of creation is aiding Mike in such traumatic times.

Listen to the Post Traumatic EP here:

Linkin Park to stream Chester Bennington tribute show

This is one for LP fans all around the world!

Linkin Park have announced on their social media pages that they will be streaming Chester Bennington tribute show taking place at the Hollywood Bowl on October 27th.

Joining the band on stage to commemorate the life of Chester are Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon, Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows and Synyster Gates plus many more.

It’s set to be something quite special although be prepared for a late one as it’s not on until 3:45am Saturday morning, but hopefully will be available after that.

Watch the video for One More Light which was premiered when first announcing the tribute show

Album of the Week – Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

One of their most under-rated albums from their catalogue.

This for me is a little bit of a tribute to Chester and to Linkin Park. This website was made after the shocking news of the passing of Chester Bennington and I, personally, have been looking for a reason to write about it, although so much has been said, it’s still fresh in minds and memories, especially after the video of Linkin Park doing Carpool Karaoke 6 days before his death.

Just a quick point on the case of Mental Health, don’t be afraid to reach out, don’t be afraid to admit there is a problem. It’s okay to not be okay.


Minutes to Midnight came four years after the stormer of an album Meteora. It was Linkin Park’s first steps into moving in a different musical direction and if you go through the album start to finish, it feels like it goes from one song sounding like the usual Linkin Park we all love, to a new Linkin Park which it gradually introduces you to.

It’s the perfect way to gradually go on to something new, many bands just release a new album, go out to say they wanted to try something new and the whole album from start to finish is completely different to their previous. It’s always a bold move that should be respected but for some fans it makes it harder to follow. For Linkin Park however, this album felt like the perfect combination of new and old.

Tracks like Bleed It Out, No More Sorrow and of course What I’ve Done feel like the Linkin Park we all know and love, these are songs that would fit on to Meteora and no one would bat an eye. Amongst these though you have tracks like Shadow of the Day, Hands Held High and Valentine’s Day; songs that explores a different side to LP, a more sensitive and subtle side to the band. Comparing these songs to tracks from Hybrid Theory feel like you are listening to two different bands, both good, both different.

Minutes to Midnight feels like it almost slipped under the radar, What I’ve Done was huge on it’s release, especially as it was part of the Transformers soundtrack which was the big summer release of that year, but the rest of the album feels like it went by almost unappreciated. Admittedly, it had tough acts to follow from Hybrid Theory and Meteora but you get a sense of the evolution of the band that should be respected.

Weekly Playlist – 16/10

The This Is Noise Weekly Playlist is back for another week and it features a little bit of everything to meet all tastes.

This week we have new songs from Marmozets and Theory of a Deadman. We also have the latest single released by Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds ‘Holy Mountain’ which see’s the former Oasis guitarist go down a slightly different route but it’s bloody catchy, especially the whistle, he promised it would get stuck in your head and he wasn’t wrong.

We also feature some classics from Feeder and Letlive, as well as bringing back the massive hardcore band Your Demise, with arguably one of their greatest songs they released whilst they were still together ‘The Kids We Used To Be…’ although it was hard to choose between that and ‘Life of Luxury’.

Check out the playlist below:


  1. Rise Against – Intro/Chamber of the Cartridge
  2. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Holy Mountain
  3. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
  4. Theory of a Deadman – Wake Up Call
  5. Knuckle Puck – Gone
  6. Green Day – Oh Love
  7. Linkin Park – Waiting For The End
  8. Marmozets – Habits
  9. Foo Fighters – The Sky Is A Neighborhood
  10. Your Demise – The Kids We Used To Be…
  11. Deaf Havana – Trigger
  12. Moose Blood – Gum
  13. Letlive. – Renegade 86′
  14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Bellbottoms
  15. Monster Truck – Saturday Night
  16. Avenged Sevenfold – Wish You Were Here
  17. Black Stone Cherry – Champagne & Reefer
  18. The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
  19. Feeder – Just a Day
  20. The Swellers – The Best I Ever Had
  21. Alien Ant Farm – Movies

WATCH – Linkin Park episode of Carpool Karaoke

The band have released the full length episode of Linkin Park on Carpool Karaoke which was filmed just 6 days before the passing of Chester Bennington.

It’s brilliant to see how happy he is singing along to Outkast’s ‘Hey ya’ and Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ with his fellow band mates and Ken Jeong.

Be sure to donate to Linkin Park’s One More Light fund here.