FESTIVAL REVIEW: Homegrown Festival 2018 Part 2

Here is part 2 of our experience of Homegrown festival at Suffolk Academy in Barrow! If you haven’t read it already, take a look at part 1 here!

Appearing on the main stage through Saturday was a varied selection of musical styles presented by established and up and coming bands. The partisan crowd, in some part made up of other participating bands were treated to a well put together programme from indie rock, through new prog, heavy rock and jazz funk.

The line up featured stand-out acts such as Blue Mean Eyes and an assured and professional performance from 15 year old Gabby Rivers and her band early in the running order as she stunned the crowd with her vocals and her wonderful cover of Florence + The Machine’s Dog Days Are Over.

Also appearing on the bill and deserving of special mention were Kyanos with their brand of bass heavy New Prog infused with 60’s psychedelia, while The Catch a young indie band who got people’s attention early on with a shout-out to drummer and vocalist! Another young band that deserve a special mention are Among the Citizens who are ones to watch who brought their dreamy and memorable synthesiser/guitar melodies to The Coastline Stage. 

The Hunter Club side stage featured up and coming acts throughout the day. Of special note were confident performances by Millie Kirkpatrick and 13 year old Noah Evans, both performing solo acoustic sets of largely original material to much applause. Ones to watch in the future, while another special shout-out to Phoebe Austin who we covered at Bury Fringe last month, and was again showing her talent playing originals and covers.

Tom Korni 

The one-man band was just mesmerising being able to portray a wide range of vocal colour and to carry off the feat of sounding like a three piece band. Using no loop effects but only an electric bass drum and cymbal/drum effects pedals, he provided a continuous rhythmic accompaniment to his vocals and dexterous guitar playing, and his set covering some of the most timeless pop classics, from The Beatles to David Bowie, via Oasis in a way we’ve never seen before, which had the whole crowd joining arms to dance and form a large circle during his set. A real crowd favourite and one to add to the watch list.

The day was topped off by high-energy heavy indie rock trio Fick as Fieves and closing act Stretch Soul Gang delivered a soul infused jazz funk set that had everybody up dancing the night away.

This small local festival played host to a wealth of local talent that deserves to be seen by a larger audience. The organisers have plans to grow the festival and it will be interesting to see how they achieve this need and still preserve the intimate relaxed setting and atmosphere of the event.

Will the organisers be able to afford acts such as Blue Mean Eyes or Gabby Rivers in the future? Let’s hope they can as this is a Jewel in the Crown for the region.














FESTIVAL REVIEW: Homegrown Festival 2018 – Part 1

We here at This Is Noise are always on the lookout for the biggest and brightest talents across the regions to show off their music and talents, well Homegrown Festival last weekend boasted the best of what East Anglia has to offer and we were in attendance to check out the bands performing and see what the local talent has to offer.

Here is just part 1 of our highlights of the festival at Suffolk Academy in Barrow with us covering a range of bands and artists taking to the stage to show the crowd what they have to offer…


The event opened Friday with hightlights of the night coming from Tom Lumley and his band. Playing his brand of power Indie rock. The new single Sky High was aired in an accomplished and exciting performance by this tight four piece. This is a must-see band who will soon be headlining  at the Blue Moon, Cambridge on the 29th June. Tickets are selling fast.

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Influx of Insanity

Oli and Dom two young musicians form a power New Prog band and cite Periphery and Carnival as influences. Their sound is large and powerful for a two piece but the guitar sound is  subtly interwoven with jazz licks and grooves that remind you of Soft Machine. An EP is due out very soon. Ones to watch


Alter the Sky

A Cambridge 5 piece heavy rock band playing their own compositions. Helen Johnston’s powerful vocals, supported by driving power riffs and a solid drum line got the small crowd rocking. Another band to announce a new EP, their launch party is being held at the Blue Moon Cambridge on 16th June. The new single ‘Fortune Favours the Bold’ was given a thorough workout.

Friday night was finished off by Heathen. Their set comprising of original compositions and a selection of rock standard covers, kicked off with the Chilli Peppers Dani California. The crowd was up singing and dancing throughout their seamless set enhanced by a lighting rig normally only seen on larger festival stages.

Read part 2 of our Homegrown Festival review here












FESTIVAL REVIEW: Camden Rocks 2018 Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our Camden Rocks review, as we previously mentioned in Part 1 (Which you can view here) due to the sheer size of the festival it would of been impossible to review it all, so we hand picked a select few bands we definitely wanted to check out  and we hope you enjoy our coverage from the day!



Eliza and the Bear

These guys put on a show for the moderately filled Koko as the London four-piece  hit the stage and straight away for me it shows they just love what they’re doing. I was very impressed with Eliza and The Bear, the interaction with the crowd was flawless and their music was executed to the highest degree with the perfect balance of being youthful, melodic all accompanied by fantastically catchy lyrics! One of our personal highlights was when they did an experimental riff of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ which is always awesome.



Next up was a long walk to the Fest for one of the big draws of the day for me in Rews, after they impressed with their new album, I was eager to see them perform their new material as the two-piece brought their lively set to the stage. The girls didn’t waste time to take a moment to thank the crowd for coming and the festival itself for having so many bands with women in them. Shauna Tohill (guitar and vocals) and Collette Williams have a fantastic chemistry, with Shauna making full use of the stage when she’s not singing, dancing and battering her guitar away as the packed out the room gave them a warm reception with plenty of fans taking videos and dancing away to the bluesy tones with an alternative rock vibe and the songs from Pyro translate extremely well to the live environment.



It was time to take on the long and narrow venue of The Underworld as 2000’s nostaglia hit me when InMe took centre stage demanding your attention from the off as the four-piece put on a cracking set for the crowd. From the off the band was visibly enjoying it as they were dripping with sweat early on, expressing their passion for their work. The songs were solid, the vocals were spot on and no matter the size of the stage the four piece used all of it to their advantage as they played a mix of new material and old classics.

Twin Atlantic

The Scots gave a performance that is truly electric and entertaining at the KOKO as the quartet were exuding with enthusiasm to give the crowd a show to never forget. Craig Kneale’s drumming overpowered the rough vocals of Lead singer Sam McTursty with almost every song. The Glaswegians were able to perform both hard rock and acoustic-style tracks well in the packed out venue as fans attempted to crowd surf and sing at the top of their lungs in what was a storming, high-energy set with highlights being their song ‘Ex El’  with its varying rhythms and verse progressions, while keeping the hit ‘Heart and Soul’ for the finale to what was a fantastic ovation from everyone that witnessed the tremendous set.

Check out when we caught Twin Atlantic perform their headline show in Norwich

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Camden Rocks 2018 Part 1

First things first, a disclaimer and apology, due to the sheer size and volume of the day it would be near on impossible to review every band and venue . We decided to hand pick some bands that have made it and some that are just a few more steps away from being bigger names in the game. That is what Camden Rocks is all about after all!

For This Is Noise, it was our first year at the festival and we were just blown away by the spirit of it all, it’s always an absolute pleasure to discover young bands just starting out and even more of a pleasure to cover them on this website in hoping we could turn a few more heads their way, Camden Rocks in that respect has done a simply fantastic job in creating a platform for these bands to be heard. Now on to the bands…

The Lafontaines

These guys are honestly impressive, catching them on their first set of the day at the Koko, they definitely made a good account for themselves. Lead singer Kerr Okan made sure he covered every inch of that stage and more, with a moderately filled Koko he done a fantastic job of making it feel fuller, from getting everyone to crouch before jumping up like crazy to climbing down from the stage and getting amongst the crowd. They are mixing interesting sounds in their work and it sounds fantastic!

Better Than Never

Just as the clouds were clearing and the sun was shining over Camden Town, Better Than Never brought their pop punk sounds to Belushis. Playing a venue like a pub is never an easy task especially when dealing with a mixed crowd of punters and festival goers but the band fully embraced the environment and made the most of the opportunity, with members moving off the stage set up and immersing themselves into the experience, making everyone else feel just as involved.

Dame Jean

Another band taking over the bar area in one of the many venues that made up Camden Rocks, Dame Jean performed a performed a stellar set in Dingwalls Canalside which  turned a few heads and certainly made a good effort on filling up the smaller Dingwalls stage. The passion from this band was clear, their two singles that they had released ‘Wasted Love’ and ‘Joke’s on You’ sounded fantastic mixed in with their set of songs yet to be released. If you get the opportunity, it’s definitely worth checking these guys out!

Press to MECO

Over at the larger Dingwalls venue, Press to MECO delivered their typical melodical vocals mixed with their heavy riffs which impressed from the start. Not long after releasing their second album ‘Here’s to the Fatigue’ the future is looking bright, after drawing a decent crowd who were in full voice throughout their set, this is a band whose name will be heard a lot more with their own individual sound lighting up Dingwalls.


Well, what can I say about Blackwaters, if you witnessed their set at the Crescent Coffee, you will know it’s hard to find where to begin. It started with a little jazz tune the whole band just dancing along, it then felt like we were all absolutely catapulted into ‘Fuck Yeah’ which turned this humble coffee/bar into absolute mayhem which it would then continue in that vain for the rest of their set. Blood was shed, lamp shades were smashed and the band loved it. Next time I think Blackwaters would need to be in a different venue though, one that can allow people to mosh and enjoy the show whilst staying safe, as raucous as it was, everyone should be safe when going to a gig.

Mallory Knox

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster year for Mallory Knox so far. Starting back in February when they announced the departure of lead singer Mikey Chapman whilst stating that bassist Sam Douglas taking over as full time lyricist and continuing on as a four-piece. Since the departure the band has released a new single ‘Black Holes’ as well as confirm a number of gigs and festival appearances as well as the band continuing on in the studio for a new album.

With all this considered, honestly you wouldn’t know the changes have happened, they were tight, constantly appreciative of the crowd, and just wanted to put on a good show for the fans. They ran through some songs from across all their albums and even though now front man Sam Douglas said he is ‘still getting used to this lead singing stuff’ it seemed effortless. They surprised the fans with a new song coming off their upcoming album and the general enthusiasm to still be continuing on as a band was evident. It was a top drawer performance and uplifting to see that despite the troubles, they are only getting stronger.

Come back tomorrow to check out part 2!

Absolute gems to catch at Camden Rocks festival – Part 2

The countdown is on for Camden Rocks as we bring you our part two of a list of absolute cracking bands that will be hitting one of the many stages in Camden Town. Use this as a guide to either help you decide what bands to go see, or make it even more difficult to decide who to catch.

The LaFontaines

Where are they performing? Koko and Gabeto

What time? 2pm and 7:30pm

Playing two sets on the day, you have double the chance to check out Scotland’s most exciting live bands as they will bring their vibrant energy and their memorable blend of musical and vocal styles to both stages they are set to perform!

At The Sun

Where are they performing? The Dev

What time? 3pm

The London-based quintet’s brings you plenty of  blues-infused, hard rock delights, a treat for any fan of rock or metal as their big guitar solos, clean vocals, and melodies are defiantly worth a listen at the festival.


Where are they performing? Dingwalls Canalside

What time? 4:30pm

Although the four piece are still rather fresh with a few singles and an EP to their name. These guys are ones to check out for sure bringing their melodic rock and catchy vocals to Dingwalls Canalside, we personally are keen to see what this upcoming band has got in store for us!


Where are they performing? The Hawley Arms

What time? 1:15pm

Childcare will definitely be one of the early ones in the day to catch as the London four piece will bring their lovable energy to the stage which will be a packed set with the kind of sweaty punk attitude and rawness you will expect from their unexpected chord twists and mix of  vocals to kick-off the day at The Hawley Arms!


Where are they performing? Fest Camden

What time? 5:15pm

Quoted as the female Royal Blood, this duo have been making waves already and it’s time for them to shine bringing their catchy tracks, upbeat feel which will be against heavy backbeats that are aggressive and the energy they will bring to Camden will be something you don’t want to miss!

Natalie Shay

Where are they performing? Brewdog (Acoustic)

What time? 3:30pm

Defiantly check out the acoustic sets at the Brewdog as plenty of top talent are set to perform, including the talented Natalie Shay from London bringing her powerful voice and glorious guitar riffs to Camden Rocks as the 19-year old will instantly bring you a feel good mood in the afternoon!

L Sicario

Where are they performing? The Fiddlers Elbow

What time? 7:30pm

Fancy some deliciously cool desert rock sound of London’s L Sicario? The trio are a very fresh with three singles to their names but the talent from these guys is clear to see with their range of sound from jumpy guitar riffs to echoey verses and upbeat vocals which is why we are excited to check these out.

Freeze The Atlantic

Where are they performing? The Black Heart

What time? 10pm

Set to bring their grit and grace to Camden’s Black Heart, Freeze The Atlantic will be a band to check out late into the festival with the five-piece having plenty of material to go through which is exciting to see how some of their songs will be in a live setting. Are you up for a melodic end to Camden Rocks?

Full Camden Rocks play-list below

Absolute gems to catch at Camden Rocks festival – Part 1

With Camden Rocks only being a few sleep away we wanted to put together a list of absolute cracking bands that will be taking to one of the many stages in Camden Town. Use this as a guide to either help you decide what bands to go see, or make it even more difficult to decide who to catch.


Where are they performing? The Camden Assembly

What time? 12pm

Drones will definitely be one of the early ones in the day to catch, but it will be so worth it! With their second album ‘Exiled’ released earlier this year, they are really starting to become one of the more exciting bands to be breaking out into the scene, I fully expect this will be a name that you will be hearing a lot more from in the years to come.

Dame Jean

Where are they performing? Dingwalls Canalside

What time? 3:30pm

Although still rather fresh with only two singles out to date, the talent from these guys is clear to see. Expect pure energy and catchy choruses from these guys, we personally can’t wait to see what else this band has got hidden up their sleeves!


Where are they performing? The Crescent

What time? 6:30pm

I think this band is yet to release a bad single so far, with only an assortment of singles out , its only a matter of time until they release a full length album and it will be explosive. Expect raucous riffs and big choruses to be coming out of the Crescent when these guys take to the stage.


Where are they performing? Dingwalls Canalside

What time? 9:30pm

Another name that we can only predict big things for in the future, Airways is already touring the world bringing their own brand of big indie rock, to a multitude of stages and I can only hope an album is somewhere in the pipeline as it will be massive!

Twin Atlantic

Where are they performing? Koko

What time? 7:15pm

One of the more well known bands on the list that shouldn’t need too much introduction. These guys are currently embarking on a mini tour round the UK making appearances at Slam Dunk and 2000 Trees and you would be just silly to miss these guys.


Where are they performing? The Black Heart

What time? 5:30pm

Leaning on the slightly heavier side of the rock spectrum with this one, SHVPES have always been one of the more exciting bands to break out ever since one of their first singles ‘State of Mind’ now having released their new single ‘Undertones’ incorporating some synths here and there, it sounds bloody nice, and you need to check these out.

The Faim

Where are they performing? The Dublin Castle

What time? 10pm

If pictures and videos of their shows are anything to go off, be prepared for tons of energy and bags of fun. These guys are on the way up and we can’t wait to see what is next for these guys. Anyone up for a bit of late night fun with The Faim?

Check back tomorrow for more selections from the MASSIVE line up that is Camden Rocks, you will not want to miss any of these guys!

SikTh, British Sea Power, The Rifles and a shedload more announced for Camden Rocks!

Camden Rocks, the one day festival that is set to takeover Camden have just added more bands to their brilliantly, huge line up.

Brighton rockers British Sea Power and prog metal band SikTh among 41 other rock bands have been added to the list where they will be joining the likes of Maximo Park, Public image Limited and Twin Atlantic on their stacked bill.

For SikTh fans this will be an extra special show this year as it will be their only London appearance with the band commenting “The last show we played with SikTh at Camden Rocks was an incredibly intense and intimate show. Hope we can bring that energy to this one. We didn’t want to play London for a while but this offer came in and we couldn’t refuse. Really excited” 

Image may contain: 3 people, shoes

Other additions from the latest announcement include Echobelly, Danny Goffey, The Rifles, Eliza and the Bear, RavenEye, The Faim and plenty more that were all hand selected by the organisers to join the huge day of music.

The full list of bands announced are: Sikth,  British Sea Power,The Rifles (Acoustic), echobelly, Eliza and the Bear, RavenEye. Vex Red. The LaFontaines, Danny Goffey, The Amorettes, Black Map, Rews, Dirty Thrills, Sad Season, The Faim, Saint Agnes, EMPIRE, LOOM, AutoPilot – UK, Tim Muddiman & The Strange, Iamwarface, Kris Barras Band, Man The Lifeboats, Brightlight City, The Luka State,  DAMN DICE,  The Black Roses,  NAKED SIX,  L Sicario,  This Year’s Ghost,  Weekend Recovery,  Cavalcade, Wicked Splinters, LEONTAS, RiverChild, Bugeye, Shea, The Gulps, Via Dolorosa, Nash Albert, Calico Jack, Sarah Vista And The Henchman and Harry Pane.

Camden Rocks are also offering the chance for a band to play the main stage on the day with their band submission competition, where one lucky band will be able to join the bill and play at the KOKO venue. For a chance of having a spot on the bill you can submit here.

Camden Rocks has just gotten even bigger!

Image may contain: text

The one day festival that takes over all the venues in Camden has just gotten even bigger…

Camden Rocks which is a mini festival which take over 20+ venues in the Camden area have just made their second announcement as a treat for Valentines Day. With the festival having already confirmed names such as Maximo Park, Public Image Ltd, Twin Atlantic and many more bands we can’t wait to hear, they have just added to their bursting line up.

Mallory Knox, rock rappers Crazy Town and British rap metal band Hacktivist have joined the bill plus 23 other artists taking the total confirmed bands at the festival up to 90, this sounds like a lot, but the festival are no where near done, with over 100 more bands yet to be announced.

The full list of bands announced:

Mallory Knox, Crazy Town, Hacktivist, Dead!, The Bottom Line, Sleep Token, Airways, Sulpher, Create To Inspire, The Skinner Brothers, Bad Sign, The Bad Flowers, Cheap Meat, Lucie Barât, The Fallen State, Inklings, Deadly Circus Fire, Fierce Ideas, Desperate Measures, Sophie & the Giants, Death Valley Knights, Talia Dean, The Rising Souls, Strides, 7he7ouch and Natalie Shay.

All this for £39.50 (plus booking) is ridiculous and that ticket will get you in to every single venue that is a part of Camden Rocks, this is one day of music you will not want to miss!


2018 Preview – Biggest Festivals

Image may contain: concert, crowd and outdoor


On the hallowed grounds of Donington Park, rock’s biggest and best come together for a weekend of big guitar riffs and more circle pits than you can count. This year’s line up is so far is looking pretty tasty with Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses and Ozzy Osbourne all set to headline, this is a line up which is tough to beat.

Image may contain: text

Isle of Wight Festival

A festival that is all about nostalgia and good times, IoW is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, although with still a ton of bands yet to be announced, the appeal of seeing The Killers, Kasabian and Liam Gallagher to name a few is more than a draw for us to be seriously excited about this one.

Image may contain: one or more people and people on stage

Slam Dunk Festival 

A festival that truly celebrates some of the top bands in Pop punk and all the genre’s in between, its a rather inexpensive way to go to a festival this summer and having a cracking time seeing top bands whilst cutting out the camping side which may not appeal to all. Year in, year out Slam Dunk delivers on a cracking line up and with Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World at the top of the bill, this is a day out you don’t want to miss!

Image may contain: text

2000 Trees 

The timing for talking about this is quite fortunate, as 2000 Trees is set to be making their first announcement TONIGHT at 7pm on BBC Radio One and their second announcement on Wednesday this week. A festival that has grown in popularity each year, this year will be their 11th year and we can’t wait to see who gets announced, apparently they are a huge American band and that’s about all that’s been revealed…

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Reading and Leeds

A festival that often has a very diverse and mixed line up although they have yet to announce anything be sure to expect a decent amount of rock bands to make an appearance on the bill and hopefully somewhere on the main stage. The Pit stage dedicated to all things rock rarely fails to deliver, but let’s wait and see what they have in store for us this year…

Image may contain: text

Camden Rocks Festival

A bit of a different festival here compared to the ones listed above, a one day festival that boasts over 200 bands in 20 different venues around Camden Town in London, full with hidden gems that you may have never heard of as well with having Maximo Park and Twin Atlantic on the bill, this is one that will show off the best of what London has to offer.

Image may contain: one or more people, cloud, sky, crowd and outdoor

Latitude Festival 

Taking over the Southwold countryside, Latitude is a festival that has something for everyone, from colourful sheep roaming around to comedy tents and a cinema as well as music being performed all over the site. Last year’s festival saw The 1975 and Fleet Foxes headline with Mumford and Sons taking over the day on Saturday, we can only keep our fingers crossed some form of big rock band will be announced for this later in the year.

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Bloodstock Open Air

Metal heads unite! The festival that combines some of the heaviest in heavy metal around in Derbyshire, I can only assume this place is just a 24 hour mosh pit and with Judas Priest, Gojira and Nightwish all announced as headliners for this years showing, it’s going to be one hell of a pit.

Image may contain: text

Victorious Festival

Set to take over the grounds of the Southsea Common in Portsmouth, this festival can produce a mixed bag of bands that is put together to suit all tastes and so far the Friday notably has The Libertines, Kaiser Chiefs and Shed Seven all set to perform, this could be a chilled festival to enjoy a bit of soft rock by the seaside too.