LIVE REVIEW: The Baskervilles + Brixton Alley + Saving Scarlett at The Swan

Playing pubs always lead to interesting shows, it is very much battling the environment to put on the best show you can with the area and space you have available, it can be limiting, cramped and sometimes awkward. Admittedly that’s one thing you have to give to The Swan, they did a fantastic job, not only making the most of the space they had available, but to make the show feel like it wasn’t just a typical pub gig.


Saving Scarlett

First up for the night was Saving Scarlett, with all 5 of them up there it was evident it may have been a little cramped for them but they they didn’t let it affect them too much. As their set went on you could noticeably see their confidence levels grow as especially with lead singer Lisa Francis, and with that, their set just continued to improve song after song. Their influences were pretty clear too with incorporating a solid cover of A Day to Remember’s ‘All I Want’ which was a smart move on their part as it definitely got me and i’m sure others singing along. All in all, it was a solid set and i’ll be looking forward to seeing these guys again at Ipswich Music Day where hopefully, they will have a bit more space to breathe.

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Brixton Alley

Next up were Brixton Alley, due to them only being a three piece they definitely had a lot more space to play around with and damn did they make it count. Their first song slowly built, with both guitarist, Jonny Magro and bassist, Ben Wells standing in front of drummer, Alex Wells before they absolutely erupted into their main riff from ‘Back in the Day’. From there it was just pure visceral energy from the trio as both Magro and Wells were jumping and moving with each beat that was simply infectious. Their sickly sweet riffs mixed with fast lyrics just worked fantastically well and definitely left me just saying one word at the end of their set. Wow.


The Baskervilles

Finally it was time for the headliners, The Baskervilles. This was their hometown show and their chance to debut their latest single ‘Blood In My Mouth’. The four-piece just carried on from where Brixton Alley left off, high energy and fantastic mix of beats with sweet riffs. ‘Kalashnikov’ and the debut of ‘Blood in My Mouth’ worked extremely well live which had everyone hooked from the get go with a well curated set list, and let’s not forget ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ a song just made for a live show that ended up being the closer.

Each band that played left a fantastic account of themselves and it was incredible to see just how much talent was on display. I can’t help being extremely optimistic for each one of these bands future and we are genuinely excited to see what is next for these guys.

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