Rews at Camden Rocks

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Camden Rocks 2018 Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our Camden Rocks review, as we previously mentioned in Part 1 (Which you can view here) due to the sheer size of the festival it would of been impossible to review it all, so we hand picked a select few bands we definitely wanted to check out  and we hope you enjoy our coverage from the day!



Eliza and the Bear

These guys put on a show for the moderately filled Koko as the London four-piece  hit the stage and straight away for me it shows they just love what they’re doing. I was very impressed with Eliza and The Bear, the interaction with the crowd was flawless and their music was executed to the highest degree with the perfect balance of being youthful, melodic all accompanied by fantastically catchy lyrics! One of our personal highlights was when they did an experimental riff of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ which is always awesome.



Next up was a long walk to the Fest for one of the big draws of the day for me in Rews, after they impressed with their new album, I was eager to see them perform their new material as the two-piece brought their lively set to the stage. The girls didn’t waste time to take a moment to thank the crowd for coming and the festival itself for having so many bands with women in them. Shauna Tohill (guitar and vocals) and Collette Williams have a fantastic chemistry, with Shauna making full use of the stage when she’s not singing, dancing and battering her guitar away as the packed out the room gave them a warm reception with plenty of fans taking videos and dancing away to the bluesy tones with an alternative rock vibe and the songs from Pyro translate extremely well to the live environment.



It was time to take on the long and narrow venue of The Underworld as 2000’s nostaglia hit me when InMe took centre stage demanding your attention from the off as the four-piece put on a cracking set for the crowd. From the off the band was visibly enjoying it as they were dripping with sweat early on, expressing their passion for their work. The songs were solid, the vocals were spot on and no matter the size of the stage the four piece used all of it to their advantage as they played a mix of new material and old classics.

Twin Atlantic

The Scots gave a performance that is truly electric and entertaining at the KOKO as the quartet were exuding with enthusiasm to give the crowd a show to never forget. Craig Kneale’s drumming overpowered the rough vocals of Lead singer Sam McTursty with almost every song. The Glaswegians were able to perform both hard rock and acoustic-style tracks well in the packed out venue as fans attempted to crowd surf and sing at the top of their lungs in what was a storming, high-energy set with highlights being their song ‘Ex El’  with its varying rhythms and verse progressions, while keeping the hit ‘Heart and Soul’ for the finale to what was a fantastic ovation from everyone that witnessed the tremendous set.

Check out when we caught Twin Atlantic perform their headline show in Norwich

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