FESTIVAL REVIEW: Camden Rocks 2018 Part 1

First things first, a disclaimer and apology, due to the sheer size and volume of the day it would be near on impossible to review every band and venue . We decided to hand pick some bands that have made it and some that are just a few more steps away from being bigger names in the game. That is what Camden Rocks is all about after all!

For This Is Noise, it was our first year at the festival and we were just blown away by the spirit of it all, it’s always an absolute pleasure to discover young bands just starting out and even more of a pleasure to cover them on this website in hoping we could turn a few more heads their way, Camden Rocks in that respect has done a simply fantastic job in creating a platform for these bands to be heard. Now on to the bands…

The Lafontaines

These guys are honestly impressive, catching them on their first set of the day at the Koko, they definitely made a good account for themselves. Lead singer Kerr Okan made sure he covered every inch of that stage and more, with a moderately filled Koko he done a fantastic job of making it feel fuller, from getting everyone to crouch before jumping up like crazy to climbing down from the stage and getting amongst the crowd. They are mixing interesting sounds in their work and it sounds fantastic!

Better Than Never

Just as the clouds were clearing and the sun was shining over Camden Town, Better Than Never brought their pop punk sounds to Belushis. Playing a venue like a pub is never an easy task especially when dealing with a mixed crowd of punters and festival goers but the band fully embraced the environment and made the most of the opportunity, with members moving off the stage set up and immersing themselves into the experience, making everyone else feel just as involved.

Dame Jean

Another band taking over the bar area in one of the many venues that made up Camden Rocks, Dame Jean performed a performed a stellar set in Dingwalls Canalside which  turned a few heads and certainly made a good effort on filling up the smaller Dingwalls stage. The passion from this band was clear, their two singles that they had released ‘Wasted Love’ and ‘Joke’s on You’ sounded fantastic mixed in with their set of songs yet to be released. If you get the opportunity, it’s definitely worth checking these guys out!

Press to MECO

Over at the larger Dingwalls venue, Press to MECO delivered their typical melodical vocals mixed with their heavy riffs which impressed from the start. Not long after releasing their second album ‘Here’s to the Fatigue’ the future is looking bright, after drawing a decent crowd who were in full voice throughout their set, this is a band whose name will be heard a lot more with their own individual sound lighting up Dingwalls.


Well, what can I say about Blackwaters, if you witnessed their set at the Crescent Coffee, you will know it’s hard to find where to begin. It started with a little jazz tune the whole band just dancing along, it then felt like we were all absolutely catapulted into ‘Fuck Yeah’ which turned this humble coffee/bar into absolute mayhem which it would then continue in that vain for the rest of their set. Blood was shed, lamp shades were smashed and the band loved it. Next time I think Blackwaters would need to be in a different venue though, one that can allow people to mosh and enjoy the show whilst staying safe, as raucous as it was, everyone should be safe when going to a gig.

Mallory Knox

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster year for Mallory Knox so far. Starting back in February when they announced the departure of lead singer Mikey Chapman whilst stating that bassist Sam Douglas taking over as full time lyricist and continuing on as a four-piece. Since the departure the band has released a new single ‘Black Holes’ as well as confirm a number of gigs and festival appearances as well as the band continuing on in the studio for a new album.

With all this considered, honestly you wouldn’t know the changes have happened, they were tight, constantly appreciative of the crowd, and just wanted to put on a good show for the fans. They ran through some songs from across all their albums and even though now front man Sam Douglas said he is ‘still getting used to this lead singing stuff’ it seemed effortless. They surprised the fans with a new song coming off their upcoming album and the general enthusiasm to still be continuing on as a band was evident. It was a top drawer performance and uplifting to see that despite the troubles, they are only getting stronger.

Come back tomorrow to check out part 2!

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