Absolute gems to catch at Camden Rocks festival – Part 2

The countdown is on for Camden Rocks as we bring you our part two of a list of absolute cracking bands that will be hitting one of the many stages in Camden Town. Use this as a guide to either help you decide what bands to go see, or make it even more difficult to decide who to catch.

The LaFontaines

Where are they performing? Koko and Gabeto

What time? 2pm and 7:30pm

Playing two sets on the day, you have double the chance to check out Scotland’s most exciting live bands as they will bring their vibrant energy and their memorable blend of musical and vocal styles to both stages they are set to perform!

At The Sun

Where are they performing? The Dev

What time? 3pm

The London-based quintet’s brings you plenty of  blues-infused, hard rock delights, a treat for any fan of rock or metal as their big guitar solos, clean vocals, and melodies are defiantly worth a listen at the festival.


Where are they performing? Dingwalls Canalside

What time? 4:30pm

Although the four piece are still rather fresh with a few singles and an EP to their name. These guys are ones to check out for sure bringing their melodic rock and catchy vocals to Dingwalls Canalside, we personally are keen to see what this upcoming band has got in store for us!


Where are they performing? The Hawley Arms

What time? 1:15pm

Childcare will definitely be one of the early ones in the day to catch as the London four piece will bring their lovable energy to the stage which will be a packed set with the kind of sweaty punk attitude and rawness you will expect from their unexpected chord twists and mix of  vocals to kick-off the day at The Hawley Arms!


Where are they performing? Fest Camden

What time? 5:15pm

Quoted as the female Royal Blood, this duo have been making waves already and it’s time for them to shine bringing their catchy tracks, upbeat feel which will be against heavy backbeats that are aggressive and the energy they will bring to Camden will be something you don’t want to miss!

Natalie Shay

Where are they performing? Brewdog (Acoustic)

What time? 3:30pm

Defiantly check out the acoustic sets at the Brewdog as plenty of top talent are set to perform, including the talented Natalie Shay from London bringing her powerful voice and glorious guitar riffs to Camden Rocks as the 19-year old will instantly bring you a feel good mood in the afternoon!

L Sicario

Where are they performing? The Fiddlers Elbow

What time? 7:30pm

Fancy some deliciously cool desert rock sound of London’s L Sicario? The trio are a very fresh with three singles to their names but the talent from these guys is clear to see with their range of sound from jumpy guitar riffs to echoey verses and upbeat vocals which is why we are excited to check these out.

Freeze The Atlantic

Where are they performing? The Black Heart

What time? 10pm

Set to bring their grit and grace to Camden’s Black Heart, Freeze The Atlantic will be a band to check out late into the festival with the five-piece having plenty of material to go through which is exciting to see how some of their songs will be in a live setting. Are you up for a melodic end to Camden Rocks?

Full Camden Rocks play-list below

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