LIVE REVIEW: Blossoms + Touts + Fuzzy Sun at the UEA

Releasing their latest album Cool Like You last month, Blossoms brought their UK tour to the UEA in Norwich with support from Touts and Fuzzy Sun.

Fuzzy Sun 2

Fuzzy Sun

The first act of the night were five piece Fuzzy Sun who brought their very laid back and melancholy feel to start the night with seductive harmonies and funky bass lines prominent through out their set.

The vocals are shared with lead singer Kyle and synth player Daisy on backing vocals that brought a very chilled vibe to kick the night off with their great old stage presence and crowd interaction as the melodic pop band from Stockport made their mark with their catchy melodies and soaring vocals which gave the crowd a relaxing and chilled out start with their music really connecting with the audience.

They incorporate everything from synth-pop to disco in their music which brings a atmospheric feel good vibe in the building which put a big smile on my face and I’m confident there are big things are on the way for this band.



The second support of the night were Derry band Touts as the crowd continue to pour into the venue as the young lads made their way to the stage as they brought their authentic punk sound to their careless mumblings in thick Northern Irish accents which gave us a different feel in the building.

The interchanging of lead vocals from Matthew and Luke throughout the set showcased the guy’s talent and completely changed the dynamic in their songs when they switched while Jason on the drums gave it his absolute all  for every single song in their set with the big highlight song of the night was ‘Sold Out’ that gave us a right earful on their twisting, soon to be punk anthem for a generation that got people moving!

Every single track was seriously loud and so punk which was the difference between the screeching guitar riffs of Touts and the mellow sound of Fuzzy Sun as the three-piece’s energy and enthusiasm for their setlist was apparent with every song and it was hard not to look away with energy on the stage as the crowd were ready for the headliners of the evening.

Blossoms 1


The anticipation was growing by the second and the Blossoms finally came out on stage to a packed-out UEA as the band wasted no time getting the highly energetic crowd involved!

It came as no surprise that the older songs from their catalogue proved to get the crowd going as the crowd didn’t stop singing and dancing along, while on stage, the impressive light show and smoke was one of the highlights as the five-piece stood out at the packed out UEA.

Blossoms 4

Throughout the evening there was minimal chat from the band, but the charm and charisma by the front man when he did speak to the crowd was typically northern as he switched between guitars throughout the set as they worked through both full length albums, playing songs such as Cool Like You, Honey Sweet, How Long Will This Last? which got the crowd singing along to all the choruses that made a very euphoric atmosphere.

One of the many great things about Blossoms is their level of professionalism on stage. There seems to be no stopping these guys at the moment as the five-piece delivered a great set in Norwich with every single band member perfecting their respective instruments. I very much look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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