LIVE REVIEW: DMA’s + Planet at The Waterfront

Aussie takes over at the Waterfront as the DMA’s returned to Norwich to promote their second studio album, ‘For Now’, in which they delivered a frantic set list and were supported by fellow aussie band, PLANET!

Planet 6

Sydney-born pop rock band, PLANET, kick the evening off as the quartet brought a decent crowd for the opening performance of the night as front-man Matty Took’s voice caught my attention straight away with his dreamy and reverbing vocals mixed in with the driving bass grooves and the catchy drum rhythms.

This band were simply effortless on stage as everything combined so well and it was like watching DMA’s little brother in action. There is no doubt that these guys will be a big hit in the future.

DMA's 1

It was then time for the headliners of the evening with lights cut just prior to DMA’s arrival on stage, and as music over the speakers remained before Tommy, Matt and Johnny took to the stage with their three piece backing band and plenty of guitars on show!

The trio didn’t introduce themselves until the fifth song and although there was no need for introduction to the Norwich crowd, the lack of interaction helped to give the gig a more focused and professional feel and leaving it up to their songs to leave the impression rather than the band members personally.

There was also barely any interaction with the crowd during the set, nothing unusual on stage and there was definitely no stopping small mosh pits from the crowd. Luckily, despite the lack of interaction, their track selection which included their big hits, as well as a few newbies got the crowd singing along with vocalist Tommy O’Dell.

DMA's 2

With plenty of impressive guitar solos and the highlights coming from old songs such as ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Step Up The Morphine’ kept the crowd going until the very last note!

For the fans, they certainly did’t disappoint by bringing their pouring energy and a packed set list that left just enough room for fillers as the band from down under went from one song to another.

DMA’s music has been compared alot to Oasis but for me they bring their own twist to the Brit Pop genre by going from strength to strength. Ultimately this is the band for the people who missed out on Brit pop era or for those who remember it well and want to revel in the nostalgia of it once again.

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