LIVE REVIEW – Marmozets + Black Peaks at the Waterfront

For me this is my second time seeing the Marmozets live, it’s always nice to be able to see bands multiple times because it gives you the opportunity to truly see the evolution of the band and how they have progressed. On my first time seeing them live it was off the back of them releasing their debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’ and last night it was the beginning of their UK tour for ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ with Black Peaks accompanying as support.

Black Peaks

The band erupted on to the stage showcasing their heavy riffs and dynamic range that lead singer Will Gardner is capable of, with their songs expertly mixing heavy and clean vocals in with each other, it very quickly shows just how technically capable and tight this band is with their intricate riffs and mix of styles incorporated into most of their tracks that really make these guys stand out.

You could see from the offset that this band just wanted to jump and move as much as possible, due to the set up of the stage it offered limited space but Gardner paced around every inch. Crowd favourite ‘Glass Built Castles’ easily got the biggest reaction in the room, with mosh pits and singing creating a sea of energy that the band just fed off making their songs that much more intense.



Straight from the beginning as much of their equipment was pushed as far back on stage as possible, creating room for the whole band to move as freely as possible. Lead singer Becca Macintyre made sure to make the most of this space, dancing and moving around with each beat of their songs, showing the passion each and every band member has for their music.

In the mix of the songs there was a point where Becca addressed the crowd, admitting to the struggles of her voice breaking whilst out on tour; from this issue the band had to cancel the rest of their US tour as Becca was under strict instructions not to sing; from these struggles she admitted to thinking about calling it quits, but from the adoration and reaction this and every song up to now had received, she confirmed “there is no way that’s happening now, this is beautiful”. Up to now the band have had their struggles with such a long stretch in between albums and numerous injuries and illnesses that has caused the band to have to cancel shows, it’s reaffirming to see that they have continued to fight through this, with Becca continuously going to prove why she is one of the best front women around.

The set throughout was perfectly layered with songs from ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’ and ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ mixing the heavier with the slightly slower, my only criticism being that it felt like ‘Insomnia’ came a little too early in the set being the first of their slower tracks to be played, personally it felt like they needed one that wasn’t as slow such as ‘Captivate You’ which would of kept that early energy running high, the placement of ‘Run with the Rhythm’ which followed on from the madness of ‘Vibetech’ fitted perfectly with Becca announcing “This next one means a lot to me as i’m sure it means a lot to you’ the sound just translated so well to the live stage, you could just feel the power and emotional weight emanate through the speakers.

To compare from when I first saw Marmozets to now, not a lot has changed, they have more material and are still developing as a band but thankfully the same passion and ferocity is still there at the core. From Becca being a constant source of fun energy to Josh Macintyre using every opportunity to stand on his drums, and even coming to the front of a stage to start a circle pit. The pure passion and energy has remained despite all the setbacks this band has faced and I certainly hope they go on to continue as they are and hope that they don’t suffer any more setbacks in the future.

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