Welcome to the second edition of this feature where we like to highlight the hard working gig photographers running around the photo pit to get those killer shots to best show off how amazing live music is.

Be sure to check out each of these talented photographers pages and give them a follow if you like their work, if you want your photos to be considered in our next gig photos of the month feature for May use the hashtag #ThisIsNoise on Instagram.

Check out last month’s Photos of the Month here

If anyone fancies writing reviews and taking snaps at shows then get in touch by emailing sam@thisisnoise.co.uk and join the This Is Noise team!

Website: coalpoetphotography.com

Instagram: @coal_poet_photography

Website: huntphotography.co.uk

Instagram: @Anthony.Hunt.Photography

Instagram: @12bar_roger

Website: funtoshoot.wixsite.com/funtoshoot

Instagram: @Funtoshoot_photography

Website: emilybutlerphotography.com

Twitter: @RockNRoll_Lens

Facebook: @EmilyButlerPhotography

Instagram: @EmilyButlerPhotography

Website: daniwillgressphotography.co.uk

Instagram: @daniwillgressphotography

Website: danielmollsphotography.com

Instagram: @danielmollphotography


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