Ska is alive and kicking with Mammal Not Fish’s latest EP

Part of the joys of local music is never knowing what absolute gems you will find and Mammal Not Fish are one of the best examples.

After finally releasing their second EP ‘Room Six’ and playing a packed out launch show at Epic Studios last Friday, this is an EP you really need to wrap your ears around. They mix ska vibes with funk riffs work so well together and it really gives them a sound you can’t help but take notice off.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Break My Stride’ one of the songs that definitely leads more on to the Ska side of their genre melting sound, its catchy chorus of defiance is a great way to open the tracks. The EP soon takes a turn to the funky with ‘Whatcha Gonna Do with That’ and then ‘Gypsy Summer Dress’ with prominent bass and guitar riffs leading the way.

The EP then goes into an interlude containing a slick guitar solo that then smoothly transitions into ‘Espere’ which takes the EP to a more mellow sound with it being very guitar heavy with an essence of the guitar solo coming through. The six track EP then leads off into previously released song ‘When I’m Dead’ ending the EP on a note similar to the start with ska riffs and those sweet sounding trumpets coming through as they did on ‘Break My Stride’.

All in all, it’s an EP that flows very well together showing off the talents of the band and also their influences coming through, leaving you feeling intrigued of what will come when the band eventually releases a full length album.

Listen to the EP here:

You can catch Mammal Not Fish this summer at the following dates:

May 19,  Clippersby Hall – Clippersby Festival

Jun 08,  Bury St Edmunds – Homegrown Music Festival

Jun 23,  Woodbridge – Shuckfest

Jul 21,  Reedham – Reedham Beer Festival

Jul 28,  Banham – Appleyard Fayre

Aug 11,  Euston park – VW Whitenoise Festival

Aug 12 – Reepham Festival

Aug 24,  North Walsham – Trunchonbury Festival

Sept 7, Ferryfest

Sept 29 – Deepdale Festival

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