LIVE REVIEW: Andrew W.K + Yonaka at The Waterfront

The party was is back for the first time in five years as Andrew W.K with his full band brought ‘The Party Never Dies Tour’ to the Waterfront with Yonaka as the only support band for the evening. The release of his latest record was delayed and so was the show but that has only given more time to fine tune the party anthems that underlines his latest record ‘You’re Not Alone’ which is his first in nearly a decade.

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This website is always going to be one that watches and endorses watching the support artist and this was definitely one you needed to watch. With passion and heavy deep bass lines that almost felt Korn-esque, Yonaka put on a show that finely displayed who they were and the intensity in their performance was all to see. Lead singer Theresa Jarvis was at the forefront bringing that enthusiasm and vigour with every move she made perfectly in time with the music in a slick set.

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The biggest shame for me was the crowd, this band deserved more appreciation and unfortunately it just wasn’t as well received with the gradually filling venue. The only thing they could do was play hard and heavy, lay everything on the table and hope to impress those with more of an open mind, gradually it was working but I think the pairing with Andrew WK after was just a little off, it became very apparent how many were just there for the Party machine himself.

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The personal highlight for me though come through in the last song, their latest single to be coming out titled ‘Fucking with the Boss’. The intensity in this just hits you as the song ramps into the chorus. The band hit every note of that song with purpose; Jarvis addressed the crowd saying “this is for everyone who has had to take shit from their manager”. Damn you could tell this one has a lot of meaning behind it.

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Andrew W.K

Well where do you even start with the party phenom himself. Quick note, this review will contain the word ‘Party’ a ridiculous amount of times, but is that really a surprise?

With a long and slowly building entrance which got the crowd chanting ‘Party’ before the full band even appeared, Andrew finally burst on to the stage to a massive ovation. The band went directly into their latest LP’s second song ‘Music is Worth Living For’ and Andrew hit that first note hard and held it for the longest time, erupting on to the stage with maybe the most anthemic song from ‘You’re Not Alone’. Considering the album has only been released just over a month now, the crowd were in full voice, especially for ‘Ever Again’ which erupted when it hit.

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From the get go Andrew was animated throughout along with the rest of the band all taking advantage of every solo or just fun riff they had. Andrew throughout was either headbanging over his keyboard or throwing the mic lead around all whilst getting the crowd to sing and chant along with him.

Next thing you know, he pauses between songs, announcing to the crowd ‘Now Norwich, this isn’t just any party, this is a pizza party!’ At first you would thing this was them advertising their merch which aptly says it’s a pizza party and going for some cheap cheers. How wrong was I to doubt the party king himself. Next thing you know he is being handed a guitar shaped like a slice of pizza, fit with pictures of his face on the back with the bloody nose, and as he puts the guitar over his shoulder, the strap said a word you would all expect it to say. The emperor of party was in full swing.

Andrew WK 4

From there on in it was a night full of moshing, singing with Andrew controlling the crowd and putting on a master class on stage making every single one of the crowd feel involved and included with this massive…party. What took me by surprise is that this was their first tour in five years, with Andrew announcing to the crowd “we have been partying for almost two decades now…” something i think even surprised himself, but it’s fair to say the party legend and co have not last a step.

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