LIVE REVIEW: Everything Everything + Pumarosa at UEA Norwich

It was second time lucky for Manchester band Everything Everything as they headline  the UEA for the first time after their previous date was postponed when the ‘Beast from the East’ hit the country which caused widespread cancellations due to safety concerns.



The electro rockers from London opened up the show with a short set with pulsing synthesizers and strobe lights as lead singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome’s haunting falsetto voice echo through the venue in Norwich as they focused on material from their debut album “The Witch”.


The five piece brought a impressive light show for what was an enthralling live performance with one of the highlights being the band’s love of performing on stage as Isabel asked the crowd if they loved to dance and showed they did.

Saxophone solos and the energy that Pumarosa brought to the UEA was unbelievably infectious which was a great lead in for the headline of the evening. It was clear that the band had definitely caught the audience’s attention as people were checking them out during the break.


Everything Everything

Opening with the title track from their last album A Fever Dream, the four-piece took their positions, with lead vocalist Jonathan Higgs sitting on the keyboard to begin. As the song reached its climax, he launched out of the chair, stormed to the front microphone, and pointed it towards the audience to complete the lyrics. This made it to be such a beautiful way to start the show and there’s was no let up from there, as 8 raging and high-octane hits followed!

EE PICS 3Touring in support of their fourth studio album, the majority of their set that evening consisted of songs off of A Fever Dream, as well as Get To Heaven tracks. The frenetic energy from Higgs was contagious, not to mention the singer’s orange coat, which heavily stood out on the stage. With a strobe-heavy limelight Everything Everything shared  with contributions on guitar, backing vocals, a percussion pad, as well as drums.

Many songs stood out, especially ‘Desire’, ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Cough Cough’.  The band’s unique brand of hyperactive synth-pop and the sharpness of their lyricism is most notable on recent tracks like ‘Can’t Do’ and ‘Night of the Long Knives’ which were two other memorable moments from the set.

EE PICS 11After rescheduling the gig Everything Everything made their UEA show more than worth the wait, performing a set that suggested the headline act are just hitting their stride in which they are destined for even bigger and better venues within the future.



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