LIVE REVIEW: The Islas + History & Lore + Pedro at The Waterfront Studio

Last night, we were given the opportunity to meet three amazingly talented artists at The Waterfront Studio in Norwich.


Starting the night off with a moderately filled studio, was a young artist called Pedro.

Very much at the beginning of his musical career, Pedro took to the stage, only himself, his guitar and tons of charisma, stating that he wants to create as much energy as whole band would.

Pedro 2

Pedro played a selection of his own songs, all guitar based, easy listens and instantly likeable which was also obvious from the crowd’s reaction. Naturally, simply being on stage by yourself can be quite an intimidating task, however, throughout his entire performance, there was no awkward moments whatsoever and, as promised from the beginning, Pedro did indeed deliver by creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, bringing lots of energy with his songs, friendly banter as well as his easy going and bubbly personality.

This was a memorable performance from an extremely talented artist who we’re confident will go on to become much more popular.



History and Lore

The second support act of the night was History and Lore, a melodic-indie 5 piece from Cambridge.

History and Lore 2

Their set started off slowly and with a few technical difficulties, however this didn’t spoil their performance as, soon as they hit the breakdown point within the first track, it made for a fantastic show. Although their tracks might seem slightly heavy at first, they are without a doubt very enjoyable. It was clear to see that the group has a strong friendship at its core and they were loving every single moment of their time on stage. Their student-like upbeat vibe was ridiculously contagious and this was also reflected in the crowd’s feedback.

History and Lore brought the small venue to whole new level of liveliness, which was helped along by their highly energetic music, as well as the passion that the band members were showcasing during their performance. We absolutely hope to see them back in Norwich and East Anglia very soon!

History and Lore 3


The Islas

Last but certainly not least, headliners The Islas, Norwich’s own four-piece pop/indie rock band.

Still a relatively new band, as it was only formed in 2016, The Islas have achieved an amazing amount in these past 2 years, from having caught the attentions of some of the biggest radios in the UK, to supporting Fickle Friends a few weeks ago, and, last night, they were headlining one of the finest music venues in Norwich and they did not disappoint!

The Islas 1

After two brilliant support acts, The Islas have absolutely raised the roof with their energetic atmosphere and fantastic selection of tracks. Inspired by certain things or moments in their lives, each song they played was their very own, as stated by lead singer Nathan in a ‘School of Rock’ reference – ‘This one was written by our very own Zac Mooneyham’ pointing towards guitarist Ross Allen. Their setlist consisted of songs of the highest quality, extremely likeable and all original bar one – this was The Islas’ take on Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’, which, at first, one would think is an odd choice, but The Islas have definitely made it much better!

The Islas 3

Near the halfway point, the crowd was treated to a love song, which wasn’t exactly a crowd favourite as lead singer Nathan hasn’t set the best tone for when he said ‘Let’s just get past it and get on with the better ones’ – can’t really blame him, The Islas definitely don’t strike you as ones for cheesy songs.

All in all, The Islas have put on an absolutely fantastic performance, and we have no doubt they will go on to gain more following and popularity in the next coming months, as these four very talented and charismatic guys can easily win over anyone’s heart. In the meantime, we will definitely keep on the lookout for them and hopefully see them again very soon!

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