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Gig Photos of the Month: March

Welcome to our newest feature where we highlight our favourite gig photos from the month and help showcase photographers that keep killing it every gig they shoot.

When creating this website a strong focus was always to look at gig photography and use this as a platform to continue to focus on the photographers who crouch, shuffle and do whatever is necessary to take a photo that captures the energy and passion of so many of our favourite bands currently taking to the stage each night.

Every month we will highlight just a few of our favourite photos and photographers who have been working hard to capture fantastic pictures from shows throughout the month, if you have time make sure you check out each photographers Instagram/Website/Page and give them a follow, you won’t regret it!

If you want us to check out your gig photos, use the hashtag #ThisIsNoise on Instagram!

Absolutely top photo set from The Wombats shows, honestly couldn’t pick just one which is my favourite from these, make sure you check all of these out!


Someone who has only recently joined Instagram and so far there isn’t a single photo that isn’t a banger, especially his latest photo of Liam Gallagher which is top notch, check him out!

Facebook: Sarah Maiden Photography

There is just something about the colours in the set of photos from Milk Teeth which I just love and Sarah is just a photographer that is constantly putting up class photos!


Facebook: Carl Battams | Music & Portrait Photography

Twitter: @carlbattphoto

What is not to love from this shot right here, captures Lawrence Taylor from While She Sleeps in action perfectly and there is just so many others to like on his page too!


Definitely a show that I am jealous I didn’t get to witness and this show just captures the size of the show All Time Low put on at the Ally Pally, this just looks epic!


This photo just looks badass, plain and simple, the black and white just works really well on this photo and it captures the guitarist brilliantly.


Who doesn’t love a bit of pyro at a show, especially when you can capture a photo like this, a cracking photo and a cracking instagram which you should definitely check out!


If anyone fancies writing reviews and taking snaps of shows then get in touch by emailing and join the This Is Noise team!

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