NEW RELEASE – Jeremy Loops has just delivered the album for the summer

Well I think we are over due a bit of sun, although the weather is determined to make us wait a little longer for a bit of warmth, Jeremy Loops with his second album feels like it’s trying to bring the sun of South Africa through your headphones.

Now if you are uninitiated with Jeremy Loops, he is one of the hottest singer, songwriters in South Africa at the minute, his previous album ‘Trading Changes’ debuted at number one in the S.A iTunes charts and since the release has headlined tours around the United States and the world as well as supported Twenty One Pilots.

It was quite the wait between ‘Trading Changes’ which was originally released in 2014 in South Africa and Europe having to wait until 2016 to get the release but his follow up ‘Critical as Water’ has finally arrived, a tough challenge to follow what an almost perfect debut album, ‘Critical as Water’ is socially conscious and shows the development of Mr Loops through his time between albums.


The album flows nicely from the uplifting, chilled out vibes like ‘Thieves’, ‘Flash Floods’ and ‘Runaway Kids’ in particular, although there are plenty more which will just make you wish you could be relaxing on a stunning beach in Cape Town; the album seemlessly incorporates the slower, more thoughtful aspects like ‘Vultures’, ‘Underwater Blues’ and ‘Hues of the Fall’ which just displays how talented this guy is.

This album feels like a refined follow up to ‘Trading Changes’ with a list of 13 songs which to me, all deserve their place on this album, I am normally more in favour of the shorter, refined albums that show the very best, but this is one which stands at 44 minutes of acoustic brilliance.

Noise Rating: 5/5 – Check out ‘Freak’, ‘Runaway Kids’ and ‘The Shore’ which features the returning Motheo Moleko who is brilliant once again.

Check the album out here:


Jeremy Loops will be soon be embarking on a world tour, playing 4 shows over here in the UK in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin, you can see the full tour poster below:


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