Lead singer David Jakes announces departure from Lonely the Brave


Lead singer David Jakes has announced his departure from the band in statements from Jakes and a separate one from the rest of the band posted onto their Facebook pages yesterday evening.

In an emotional hand written statement David goes on to explain “I’m afraid the problems i’ve been having, with touring and playing live, have made things really difficult concerning my mental health side of things” he then goes on to apologise for not being able to push through the problems and also to thank his band mates and the fans for supporting their music.

The band in a separate statement goes on to confirm David’s departure as well as confirming the future for the band by stating “This is not the end of Lonely The Brave. The four of us will continue with a new vocalist and we plan to begin the search as soon as possible. We shall return to the live arena when the time is right and will be continuing to work on new material in the meantime.” 

We here at This is Noise can do nothing but support David’s brave decision to leave the band for the sake of his mental well being, and can only go on to urge anyone else that feel they are struggling to reach out for help when it comes to something like this. It can be to a loved one, friend or one of the numerous services set up to listen for when you are in need, mental health is a serious issue and you shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t talk about it, it’s a statement used by many mental health services and it couldn’t be more true, it’s ok, to not be ok.

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Sam Dawes

Chief Editor and Leading Photographer for This Is Noise. Insta: DawesPhotos W: Samdawes.weebly.co.uk

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