LOCAL BANDS: Interview with Oranje ahead of the release of their debut EP


Oranje four piece alternative Grunge/Indie band from Ipswich are set to release their debut EP Bitter Sweet on Friday 23 February.

Throughout summer, they were given the chance to record a 5 track EP at Punch Studios and that was mixed and produced in London.

We had a chat with band to discover how the process of putting the EP together was like and the difficulties they faced to achieve their goals.


TiN: How did you find the process of recording your EP?

Elle (Bass): The actual recording process was so fun, it was summer so we were gigging loads and still writing at the same time. Luckily we had such a good engineer Craig Smith. He was so chilled and easy to work with.

TiN: Were there any challenges you faced whilst recording your EP?

Elle: Lack of communication and difference of opinions came into it. And later on the distance situation caused a rift but other than that, the process was smooth going.

TiN: What song did you most enjoy recording and why?

Elle: Anything but stranger things.
Duncan (Lead Guitar): Dogs in hot cars because I was just in the room alone making loads of noise.
Dez (Vocals): Glow for me because being a half step out of key in the scratch track, trying to record to that was hilarious.
James (Drums): Trash for me because it was the most experimental for me and trying to sort out tempos compared to the scratch track.

TiN: Which song was the most challenging?

Dez: Dogs in hot cars as it was the newest track that we had done.’
Elle: We played stranger things so so much and I honestly am not a fan of it now..and to get the timing right for the start I must have done it 1000 times, don’t know how Craig had the patience.
Duncan: Cool girl for me, because the guitar tone was quite hard.
James: Trash for me because it was just timing. like it was the hardest one.

TiN: What were your inspirations for the EP?

Elle: Trying to capture what we do live, the same energy and feel. And I think this is something we will try every time we do a recording. That live sound is what we try and deliver.

Oranje took over The Star Inn in Guildford with an exclusive pre-release performance of their debut EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ on Wednesday night with support from Waiting for Malory and Frames, Check back on Friday for our official review of Oranje’s debut EP!

Check out Oranje here: –

Twitter: @OranjeMusic

Facebook: oranjemusic




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