Don Broco – Technology Album Review


Back with their third album Technology, and the follow up to 2015’s Automatic finds Don Broco introduce a heavier and more complex sound.

Within sixteen tracks, the band manage to tackle Brexit, xenophobia, heartbreak, social media, and everything in between.

Opening the album is the title track ‘Technology’, a hard hitting number that is a catchy and sarcastic glance at the wonders of the internet which sets the tone for the fifteen songs that follow.

The stand out songs for me from the entire album are ‘T Shirt Song’ and ‘Come Out To LA’ which explores the myths of easy success in Hollywood.

The band released seven songs for fans to stream before the release of the Album.

Just under an hour long across 16 songs, ‘Technology’ is bigger, chunkier and catchier than ever before, the band’s most interesting an exciting album to date.

Album rating: 4/5

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Ross Halls

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