At last Marmozets’ new album is out! Here is what we think…

Now to clear things up before I get started, I love the Marmz, I thought ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ was just a masterclass of an album, it peaked in the right places and gave you a breather at the perfect moments and was one I personally listened to on repeat…a lot. I think my top 100 songs on Spotify that year included the entirety of their first album, I ate that shit up!

I was a little surprised on how long it took for them to even release a single bit of information on their follow-up, it must be said in the time they were in the studio, lead singer Becca Macintyre did suffer a knee injury and I was surprised and saddened to hear that album number 2 almost never came to be, a band with such promise almost wasted, but 4 years on from ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’ and we finally have a follow up, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’

The 12 song album kicks off with the first single we heard from the returning Marmozets ‘Play’ which is a cracking way to lead into the album. ‘Habits’ for me is the triumph of the album, this for me is Marmz at their best, jazzy riffs, catchy chorus all whilst staying true to their sound…perfect.

‘Meant To Be’ and ‘Major System Error’ follows in similar fashion but both took a few listens for me to get into, on first listen, it just didn’t capture me as well as I hoped, the vocals for me feel as if it’s trying to hard to not follow the style from ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’ there is a special mention for the horns in ‘Major System Error’ though, it works so well.

Then we get to what throws this album so far off course it alters the entirety of the rest of this record ‘Insomnia’. Admittedly it is the right spot to slow things down after 4 quick paced songs, but it just doesn’t belong on this album. I have attempted to listen to this song numerous times now, each time I have skipped it.

The rest of the album just feels like it goes by without anything significant jumping out, aside from ‘New Religion’ and ‘Run With The Rhythm’. The latter particularly captures me as it starts off quiet with the vocals being similar to ‘Insomnia’s but then drops and drops nicely.

Overall, it’s an interesting next step for The Marmozets, I have really tried hard not to compare this to ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’ but that is the curse of producing a record that is truly brilliant, the follow up will always be compared to it, regardless of the band. Knowing What You Know Now tries to experiment in places with different sounds and vibes but sadly they don’t quite stick the landing which really throws listening to this album off. I still fully recommend going to see these guys live, and i’m really hoping that the next one doesn’t take another 4 years.

Album Rating: 3/5

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