Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda releases surprise EP

Mike Shinoda has released three songs which make up the Post Traumatic EP after putting up a photo of a hand written note yesterday (24th) saying ‘Three new songs. All music + visuals by me. Tomorrow’

In three songs there is so much emotion and it offers somewhat of an update on how Mike Shinoda has been since the loss of Chester Bennington, with the short song ‘Place to Start’ including clips of friends and family calling to check  in on Mike. The EP then goes into ‘Over Again’ which talks frankly about October’s memorial show for Chester as well as including the lyrics ‘Sometimes you can only say goodbye once’. The final song ‘Watching As I Fall’ talks about himself ‘giving until his soul hurt.

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This for any Linkin Park fan will be an emotional listen but also a gift to fans that will mean a huge amount to anyone still coming to terms with the loss. During these times everyone handles loss in their own way and it’s good to see that music and the art of creation is aiding Mike in such traumatic times.

Listen to the Post Traumatic EP here:

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