Cracking night of local music coming to the Waterfront!

Absolutely love stuff like this!

The Norwich Waterfront have announced another night showcasing some of the best local talents around right now!


Showcasing 4 local bands in a night full of different styles and ideas brought together at the Waterfront Studio all for only £6

The Artists

Finn Doherty


Got a cracking EP out called ‘Heritage & Parenting’ with an indie rock sound and smashing voice to go along with it, definitely give a few of his tracks a listen if you like the slower side to indie rock.

We’ll Be Detectives


Gritty rock with big riffs, at the minute they only have one song ‘Somebody’ released but we definitely hope there is more to come because who doesn’t love a bit of grit and a massive riff from time to time!



Who doesn’t love a rocking duo these days? Catchy chorus’ and just some quality indie rock right here, well worth having a cheeky look and i’m sure they will feature on this site once again in the future.



Their name goes hand in hand with their sound. Heavy, raw punk guitars and drums that has introduced us to something different in what they call ‘Art Punk’

Check them out here

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