Hit The Lights give update on status of the band

Hit The Lights have given quite a lengthy statement on the current situation surrounding the band:

“Since we released the single “Anthem” back in May, many people asked if we were still with Pure Noise Records. The answer is that we’ve concluded our contract with Pure Noise Records and are no longer part of their current roster. This is completely amicable, and in all honesty, Pure Noise is a huge part of the reason we are still a band today. Jake Round and his staff, along with support from our agent Brad Wiseman, pretty much raised us from the dead and gave us the opportunity to write and record “Summer Bones” – which is a record we are incredibly proud of. We can’t thank PN enough for the opportunities they gave us, they did more than their part, and we’re forever grateful to them for it.”

“We began recording demos at King Sound Studio with our good friend and producer Rick King. The intent was to shop songs around to labels, but, feeling that so much time had passed from our last release, we decided to put out “Anthem” to quell our impatience. After the release of “Anthem,” we saw the reaction and support from so many people, and it was inspiring! As we continued writing and recording material with Rick, we had a shared epiphany. The bottom line: All we’ve ever wanted is to make music.”

With this in mind the band will now be releasing a new song every month

“Hit The Lights is proud to announce that we have partnered with our good friend and ally Rick King to create King Sound. Through King Sound, we will be releasing a new song each month. Consistently. Because we have the freedom and the means to do it. People will have the ability to download songs early by purchasing special edition items though our online stores and investing money in us to continue this venture. We’ll be working out the kinks as we go, but the beautiful thing is whatever people decide to do – even down to just streaming our songs – you’re LITERALLY investing in us. These sales will go directly to fund awesome things like new music videos, tours, and even fund raising for great causes! No one to answer to, nothing to wait for – just HTL, King Sound and you- our supporters. Doing it our way because we can.”

It’s an interesting idea with intentions to release the collection of songs eventually on to a physical copy once enough have been released and it goes against how many bands have once done before in setting up a crowd funding system to fund a new record. We can only wish them luck in the future!

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