Well…Tonight Alive have been busy…

Right…Where to begin? So Tonight Alive have announced: a new album, a new tour, released a new single and also confirmed guitarist Whakaio Taahi’s departure, all in the last 48 hours on their social media pages.

So let’s start from the beginning of their volley of posts. They released new single ‘Temple’ on Sunday on the Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P Carter. Which is always a good way to get fans paying attention.


The announcement of their latest album was next to be announced, being called ‘Underworld’ and is set to be released on January 12th. New single ‘Temple’ will also feature on their new album as well as releasing the new video for their latest single.

Next up announcement typically would be a tour to support this new album, with most bands you would be correct, but next was the departure of Whakaio from the band. Claiming to want to step back from the touring side of making music and pursue his own career in songwriting and producing, which we here at This Is Noise can only wish the very best of luck in the future for.

The official statement released by the band can be seen below

But to finish the series of announcements on a high, the band released a headline European tour being accompanied by ‘With Confidence’ and ‘The Gospel Youth’ which will take place in March 2018 with six dates in the UK featuring: London, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds among other locations on this tour

Tour poster can be seen below:


And breathe…that’s one way to announce changes and new releases for a band…

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Sam Dawes

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