Album of the Week – Deaf Havana- ‘All These Countless Nights’

The second Album of the Week comes from Deaf Havana who have had a long and interesting journey.

In 2013, the alternative rock band, released one of the most captivating albums of the year – “Old Souls” – and are back again, years later, with “All These Countless Nights”.

Behind the scenes problems with management and finances nearly put an end to Deaf Havana all together in 2014, but these tough times ended up forming the band’s most meaningful album yet.

The album kick-starts with an upbeat song Ashes, Ashes that dabbles with the overall theme of the album.

Happiness and Like A Ghost are two songs that are softer alternative rock songs it allows the listener to take a breather from the usual Deaf Havana upbeat tone, while they can play it heavy or gently glide on the likes of ‘Fever’ and ‘Sing’.

One of my favourite songs from the album is England thats brings a different tone which is on the more funk side, this is definitely a song anyone can dance too, but it is also a song with a gentle message.

Check out the album below:

“All These Countless Nights” is written perfectly and as per usual, Deaf Havana provides provides a mixture being upbeat, grooving vibes and soft, gentle tracks.

Each individual song will end up speaking to your heart because when I first heard this album it got me thiking and I was unable to press pause.

It’s creatively different, and beautifully pieced together, it’s a big step forward for all the members of the band so grab your headphones and enjoy.

Check out Deaf Havan’s latest video release here:

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