REVIEW – The Amazons – The Waterfront 2/10/17

After stumbling across the gem that is ‘Black Magic’ on Spotify, The Amazons had my attention pretty early and with the release of their debut self-titled album not long after, I walked into this show with high expectations for big riffs and a solid show from the Reading based quartet.

The Pale White 3
The Pale White

Kicking off the night was The Pale White; another one of the bands that randomly found on it’s way onto one of my many playlists; unfortunately it wasn’t all quite smooth sailing for their first show of the tour, with technical difficulties interrupting them straight after their first song. From then on, sadly they lost the room, although playing songs such as ‘That Dress’ and ‘Turn it Around’ which are tracks that caught my attention, their lack of personality and presence on stage just made their set fall flat. It is still early days for the trio however, and I remain cautiously optimistic that this band will learn from these difficult early shows.

The Pale White 8
The Pale White

With the Waterfront filling up to i’m sure was almost capacity, The Amazons took to the stage blasting through tracks ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Burn My Eyes’ quickly and bring the energy up to it’s peak of the evening. Whilst looking back from the photo pit, i’m sure I saw a mosh pit break out from the get go which for a band I wouldn’t consider witness many during their shows, it evidence enough to the energy in the room.

The Amazons 15
The Amazons

‘Stay With Me’ their leading track from their debut album soon followed and had voices at full chorus along with them and it goes to show the quick rise in popularity of this band, which was then just reaffirmed with the crowd singing along to the breakdown riff during ‘Little Something’ with the band pausing taking in the moment.

The Amazons 23
The Amazons

It was clearly a special gig for The Amazons, with front-man saying on a couple occasions about this being their first headline tour and with rounding off the first night of their UK tour with ‘Palace’ and ‘Junk Food Forever’ this is a band that is only going to keep going from strength to strength and will soon be filing much bigger venues as they go.  8/10

Check out The Amazons on the remainder of their tour:


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